Response Editor

Editing Responses

How can I edit a survey response?

The Response Viewer is a real time view of your database. Use the Response Viewer to view, edit, or delete individual responses. You can also use the Response Viewer to access individual Spotlight Reports, email individual responses, print individual responses, or delete responses.

To access the Response Viewer please go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Manage Data »  Responses
  • Select Response Viewer from the left navigation.
  • If you have created data filters, you can access the data filter from Dataset.
  • If you know a specific Response ID, you can enter it in the Response ID field and search for the specific response set.
  • You can filter by Survey Result: Completed, Started but Not Completed, or Terminated Via Branching.
  • You can select the Columns headers to be System Headers Only (will show questions as Q1, Q2, etc.) orAll Questions (will show question text in the column headers).
  • Once any option is selected, click Search Database to update the table shown.
  • To open a particular response, click on the Response ID hyperlink. The individual response will open in a popup window.
  • From the popup, you can select the following options:
    • Edit Response: You can alter any response using this option. This should not be used to modify a response without a respondent knowing it is being modified. Once changes have been made, click Update Changes to apply the changes. Changes can only be made one question at a time.