What is SAML?

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based method for exchanging user security information between an identity provider and service provider. The identity provider offers the user credentials, while the service provider trusts this user information to provide access to its services or resources. The user, generally a web browser, requests a web resource managed by a SAML service provider.

In simple words, SAML is a type of SSO authentication.

With Single Sign-On (SSO), users can log into the QuestionPro platform using their business email address. SSO offers a seamless experience while working on multiple applications span across different domains and managed by various service providers. It uses browser cookies to sign users into QuestionPro while they are already logged into their internal systems. SSO authentication is convenient for your organization's users as they don't need to remember multiple sets of login credentials.

Why does it affect your research?

QuestionPro lets you set up SAML authentication from your account.

Once the employment of a user ends with an organization, access to the QuestionPro account will be immediately removed or turned invalid. It prevents any unauthorized access to your research and surveys and removes the overhead of managing user accounts.

The technical design of SAML SSO authentication lets you secure your QuestionPro account, offer a seamless experience, and simplifies user management.

For more details, refer authentication in the QuestionPro platform.

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