Custom survey URLs


What is a custom survey URL?

Custom survey URL is used when you need a concise, easy to remember URL for the survey. This can make it easier for respondents to access the link. Use custom created simple survey links to draw your target audience's attention.

Example of a custom survey URL

You can append your organization name in the survey url to make it a branded survey. Or you can mention the area of research or your department name in the link. For instance,

Create custom survey URLs

NOTE: The custom survey URL is a non-tracking URL. Responses will be saved as anonymous with no data connecting the response to the respondents. It is not possible to implement respondent tracking if you are using a custom survey URL.

Uses of a custom survey URL

A custom survey URL is used when you need to brand the survey and attract more respondents. Use easy to remember and easy to read survey URLs for respondent benefits. Sharing, especially verbal sharing becomes much easier and convenient for users.

Advantages of custom survey URLs

Creating simple, customized survey URLs is advantageous, and here's why.

How to create custom survey URLs?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on customizing the survey URL.

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