SMS surveys


What is an SMS survey?

The SMS survey function assists you to simply send out surveys via SMS and collect instant pocket feedback. Distribute your survey URL with the help of a short message service and collect on-the-go survey responses.

With the world at our fingertips, and millions owning a smartphone, survey re sending out text messages with a survey link is a handy survey distribution technique.

Example of an SMS survey

Let’s take the example of a supermarket chain that wants to run a customer satisfaction survey. Supermarkets have a variety of shoppers, belonging to different age groups, ethnicities, and financial backgrounds. The chances of them accessing a mobile device are much higher than their chances of accessing emails (regularly). SMS surveys are the best way to reach out to shoppers, far and wide, belonging to various demographic groups.

Correlation analysis

Uses of SMS surveys

Researchers and organizations use SMS surveys primarily when they do not have email addresses of the sample. Email addresses may not be collected at the POS, but there is a high chance of mobile numbers being captured. For example, retail stores and restaurants are more likely to capture mobile numbers than an email address. As soon as they’ve checked out of the POS, an SMS is triggered to capture direct customer experience.

Advantages of SMS surveys

SMS surveys have the following advantages:

How to use SMS surveys?

Learn how to set up this feature with our help file on SMS surveys.

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