SMTP Relay


What is an SMTP relay?

An SMTP relay is a protocol of delivering emails from one mail server to another. An SMTP is known as a simple mail transfer protocol. You can send bulk emails through a trusted third party to deliver your emails.

When you send out bulk survey emails, there is an upper limit of the number of emails you can send out. An SMTP relay helps to move your email across networks. It works closely with the MTA (mail transfer agent) to send emails to the right inbox.

Example of an SMTP relay

For example, you need to send out a survey invitation from your gmail account to more than 500 people. Currently, gmail lets you send out only 500 emails. Using an SMTP relay, researchers can send out surveys without being limited by his/her email service provider.

SMTP relay

Uses of an SMTP relay

An SMTP relay is useful to send out emails automatically in batches. Researchers use SMTP relays to ensure emails are delivered without problems to the research participants. SMTP relays ensure to keep deliverability issues at bay, ensuring a high delivery rate. Organizations rely on large amounts of data, and SMTP relays help to provide a high participation rate due to its high delivery rate.

Advantages of using SMTP relay

Here are the advantages of using an SMTP relay:

How to use an SMTP relay?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on SMTP relay.

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