Social media sharing


What is social media sharing?

Social media sharing lets you post your surveys to social media networking sites to collect customer feedback. Collect feedback from a wide variety of customers with a simple one-click solution.

Many organizations take to social media to gather feedback on their products and services. As social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are busy channels, with lots of users, social media surveys are one of the most effective channels of data gathering.

Example of social media sharing

Let's take the example of an aerated beverage company. Aerated drinks are sold and consumed widely throughout the world, but the company seldom has data or email addresses of the customers to survey them. They can create a survey and share it through their social media channels to reach out to a broad audience and collect feedback.


Uses of social media sharing

Organizations and researchers use social media sharing to reach out to a wider variety of audiences. It is a handy tool when you do not possess a database with email addresses of your customers you want to survey. Organizations can directly target their audiences more easily to gather bulk survey data or data from longitudinal surveys.

Advantages of social media sharing

Here are the advantages of od social media sharing:

How to use social media for sharing your surveys?

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