SQL import data


What is SQL import data?

Use the SQL import data function to move your survey data to another SQL based database quickly. Export data in a few clicks when you need to export from the system and import it into another SQL based database. A zip file will be generated. You can download and open the zip file.

Example of SQL import data

SQL is useful for researchers who collect data on a vast scale. Longitudinal research data can get tough to handle in large amounts. Because SQL files are effortless to use and because they retrieve a large number of data in less time, researchers use them in surveys that collect vast amounts of data.

Uses of SQL import data

Researchers use SQL to transfer information to other databases that support SQL. Researchers find it handy because it demands minimal coding. The SQL file comprises the following:

Advantages of SQL import data

Here are the advantages of SQL data:

How to use SQL data import?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on SQL import.

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