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What is a survey progress bar?

Progress bar denotes the percentage of survey loaded. It enables respondents to get an idea of the number of questions they have already viewed. It helps them better manage their time while answering a survey.

The progress bar calculates the percentage based on the total number of pages in the survey, irrespective of whether all pages are shown to the respondent. For a single page survey, the progress bar will show 100% loaded. Hence, we recommend using the progress bar for multi-page surveys only. The system recalculates the percentage each time a survey page is submitted by clicking on the 'Next' or 'Submit' buttons.

While testing, you may notice that the percentages are lower than actual or increase too much as you move through the survey. It is due to the use of logic like skip logic, compound branching, etc. Logic dynamically changes the number of pages that respondents see.

You can change the color of the progress bar to match your brand style and create branded surveys. You can also change the location of the progress bar such that it is most respondent-friendly.

Example of a progress bar in a survey

Assume a customer feedback survey has four questions in the questionnaire with a page break after each question. With the total number of pages making 100%, each page is 25% of the complete survey. So, when the respondents are on page two, it will show a 50% complete progress bar.

progress bar in surveys

Uses of a progress bar in surveys

Advantages of using a progress bar in surveys

How to set up a progress bar in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the progress bar.

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