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What is a text highlighter question?

A text highlighter question is used in surveys to get feedback on the text. The respondents can select the text and share their comments on the selection of words, grammar, semantic structure, context, and more.

While document editors like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and others allow you to comment on specific text in a document, they can't help when you need feedback from a large number of survey respondents. In such situations, a text highlighter question can help to collect opinions and gain insights into your audiences' choices.

Example of a text highlighter question

Assume a business wants to revamp their website. Before going live, the marketing team can share the content with the internal team and request feedback. The respondents can select the text and add their comments.


Text highlighter question in surveys

In QuestionPro surveys, text highlighter is an advanced question type with customizable multiple-choice options. By default, there are two options - 'Good' and 'Bad'. When the respondent selects the text, they can also view an open-ended textbox along with these options. Respondents can choose one of them and submit their responses with or without entering the comments. They can highlight multiple words or sentences and offer their feedback. To improve the readability, survey creators can add line breaks within the text.

The 'Good' and 'Bad' radio buttons next to the response options are colored in red and blue color by default. You can also customize the colors of these buttons.

Data analysis of text highlighter question

You can view the distribution of responses of the text highlighter question on the report dashboard.

To know which section of the text was selected for an answer option, click on the circles next to the options.

For instance, in the below text highlighter report, the words marked in red were selected by the respondent as ‘Good’. When the survey creators click on any of the circles, they will be able to view the text selected for that option.


You can also share this report on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by sharing the report URL or QR code. To embed the report on the website, use the embed code.


Uses of text highlighting tools

Advantages of highlighting text in surveys

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