Zapier Integration


What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online task management app that enables you to connect various apps and tasks into workflows, helping researchers maintain data consistency across different web applications.

As Zapier lets researchers create connections to share data between multiple apps, it is frequently referred to as a translator. Zaps help you connect your apps, enabling them to work together. Zaps need a trigger in one of your apps to start a workflow.

Example of Zapier integration

For example, an organization conducts regular employee experience surveys. The human resources team can connect QuestionPro’s survey app with other apps like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Collecting, analyzing, and moving data around for further analysis and usage is very time-consuming. Human resources automate tasks to ensure a smooth flow of data with less time.


Uses of Zapier integration

Use Zapier to automate your QuestionPro workflow with other work apps. Connect other apps to automate everyday tasks and save time. You can connect with 1000+ business apps to create your automated workflows. Zapier is also useful if you want to engage your employees and audience and track important deadlines and tasks along the way. Zapier is the easiest way to automate tasks from QuestionPro quickly to free up more time to take essential duties.

Advantages of Zapier integration

Here are the advantages of Zapier integration:

How to use Zapier?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on Zapier.

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