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Pulse Survey Software and Analytics

Create, Send and Analyze Pulse Survey

Workforce is a comprehensive employee survey software platform that enables creation and analysis of fully automated pulse survey, polls and questionnaire distribution and collection using multiple methods such as email, website embed, using the pulse review app.

Map and Track Employee Experience

With Workforce, you can map, track and measure employee experience throughout their employment lifecycle using the employee pulse survey software. The survey software platform has robust features that enable an organization to keep track of its employee sentiments and help collect actionable insights from them.

3. Analyze Survey Results

With QuestionPro’s pulse survey software platform get real-time insights and easy to infer data, all in one platform using our advanced analytics such as Conjoint Analysis, TURF Analysis, GAP Analysis, Trend analysis and much more. You can also download all these analytics as a detailed report in Excel, SPSS, txt , PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Seamless integration

The pulse survey software has a seamless integration with slack, Google and Office 365. You can save your time and energy and use your mobile device to login to the pulse review app using any of the above sign-ons. Make data driven decisions, collect feedback from employees systematically to distinguish what works well in the organization and what doesn’t.

Proven Competency Framework

Pulse survey software has a robust and proven competency based framework that makes the review process extremely simple. You can choose from the following competencies to review your colleagues, peers or reporting managers: leadership, responsibility, communication, team-building, creativity, initiative and more. You can choose upto 5 competencies to review. Based on these competencies the entire framework of the review process is orchestrated.

Colorful attributes

The pulse survey software has a color assigned to each attribute. Green is good, yellow is mediocre and red not so good. Based on these colorful attributes it is easy to give feedback to the employees and vice-versa. If you have enough greens then there is nothing to worry but if you have more of yellow and red, you may probably want to up your game. This survey software platform uses advanced analytics and drivers like spearman coefficient of correlation and more.

Drag and drop functionality

Now you can simply drag and drop the selected attributes. This is quick, simple,easy and extremely convenient. This feature is available in the pulse review app. Instead of the boring checkboxes, the drag and drop facility gives uniqueness to the attribute and employees can rank the attributes at the same time. Collect feedback and convert it into meaningful data to help improve overall employee experience.

Zero Time to Launch Pulse Survey

Our pulse survey software platform enables organizations to practically save hours by providing them with well researched survey template designed by subject matter experts. Organizations shouldn’t take longer to collect the feedback, the longer you wait, the less likely exiting employees are to respond. We help you minimize the timeline to launch an exit survey.

Advanced Reporting

As a standard practice it is advisable to analyze collective data. Looking at individual feedback provides value but looking at the collective feedback provides solutions- employee experience! This might look like a no brainer but many employee surveys fail to collect appropriate data. Employee pulse survey software helps organizations see a bigger picture, gives a holistic view of what an individual has responded as compared to the entire team and how the response is similar or different from the others.

Customizable Employee Portal

CCentralized access to news, performance reviews, business intelligence and more. The customized look of the portal will complement your own brand. Filter and share data directly with your employees. Solutions and innovations at the click of a button.

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Pulse Review App

Conduct pulse review to track employee sentiments, make performance reviews quick and easy. Employees receive a survey on their mobile phones and you as an organization can collect responses and review the analytics.

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Software Integration

SSeamlessly integrate your software obtained data with your existing platforms with a host of powerful CRM integrations to measure Organizational Health Index (OHI), employee experience and levels of employee experience within the organization. These integration tools are futuristic and technologically advanced and extremely easy to integrate.

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Software Data Security

Software data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro ‘s software tools. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certified and fully GDPR compliant.

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