PCI DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) contains a series of security standards directed for all the companies involved in accepting, processing, storing, or transmitting credit card information to maintain a secure environment.

What is PCI DSS Compliance

On September 7, 2006, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) came into existence. After noticing an ongoing evolution occurring in the Payment Card Industry (PCI), specific security standards were set so that the payment account security throughout the transaction process could be enhanced.

The PCI - DSS standard applies to all organizations irrelevant to its size and number of transactions, accepting, storing, and processing any cardholder data. As many of our clients use their credit cards to transact with QuestionPro, we ensure complete compliance by adhering to all the standards set by PCI.

How it benefits QuestionPro clients

  • It eliminates all the risks associated with identity theft and credit card fraud.
  • It helps in developing trust so that you can transact safely and confidently.
  • Customers’ credit card data is protected and secured at every level of the transaction.
  • It helps our clients to avoid penalties/fines imposed by banks or card companies.