Technical Documentation Survey Template

Technical documentation survey template provides access to customer feedback about the technical documents for your products. It is integral to have systematically documented information for hardware or software products in manufacturing, electronics, or any other consumable product industry. Technical documentation provides a better understanding of the product with specificities which not be quite evident to the users at first. Your organization should keep the target audience in mind while writing technical documentation. Using this sample survey, you can ask the customers to provide information about their satisfaction levels regarding the aptness of content, quality of covered details, usability and implementation using the technical documentation and how can your company improve the quality and details of documentation. This survey example can be customized according the technology you offer and the details you expect from this survey.

Technical Documentation:

How satisfied are you:
Very Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied
with the appropriateness of the documentation to your needs?
with the quality of the documentation delivered with your system?
with the accuracy of the documentation delivered?
with the usability of the documentation provided?
overall with the documentation provided?
Please tell us what [COMPANY] should do to improve the quality of the documentation delivered with the platform?
[COMPANY] understands the service needs of my organization.
Overall, how satisfied are you with the amount of communication between you/your organization and [COMPANY]?
Overall, the quality of service of [COMPANY] sales department is
Overall, the value of [COMPANY] services compared with the price paid is

Would you recommend [COMPANY] services to colleagues or contacts within your industry?

Why conduct a Technical Documentation Survey?

There should be a standard of technical documentation which is regularly produced.

  • Customers rely on this documentation for installation and, dissatisfaction is an indication that they might not use the product, in case they do use it - chances are that they install it incorrectly, they might report a complaint against your organization or take help of your customer service team to solve their problems which may lead to an extremely overburdened customer service team.
  • Customer insights are key to deciding where to improve and what to improve.
  • Your organization should clearly understand the aspects of technical documentation which are a priority to the customers. For instance, if majority of the customers are of the opinion that they are not satisfied with the accuracy of covered content, it is an alarm for you to start improving the accuracy levels of the content.
  • Communication is instrumental to build a strong relationship with customers and to increase loyalty.
  • By sending across a technical documentation sample questionnaire, your customers get an idea of your intentions to improve and which will be instrumental in enhancing your equation with them.

Best Uses of Technical Documentation Survey

  • Insights about the quality of training manuals, listings, which depict the functionalities and features of hardware or software products can be obtained using a technical documentation survey example. You can acknowledge the scope of improvement in each of the technical documents so that constant efforts are put in for the betterment of quality.
  • Sending technical documentation questionnaire via Email or embedding them on the website makes it easy for researchers to collect feedback from customers.
  • Competitor analysis of technical documentation happens effectively when you directly contact customers to share their thoughts about the quality of content in the documentation. This technical survey can be edited to include questions for competitive analysis as well.

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