Webinar CX and Digital Empathy
  • Ken Peterson President, CX
  • Jonathan Hawkins CEO

CX is undergoing a crisis - after 25 years we’ve done the easy stuff, what comes next?

Companies have been focusing on operational efficiency and customers see that as a ‘hygiene’ factor, not a differentiator. The explosion of digital and the drive to remove friction in customer experience means that companies have engineered out meaningful and personal relationships with their customers. This operational focus misses the key component in what will be the next competitive battleground - Digital Empathy.

Join these influential CX thinkers as they dive into this electric conversation surrounding Empathy and the Customer Experience. With over 40 years of CX experience between them, they not only know that the research supports empathy as a driving force of customer loyalty, but they have also seen it play out in real life time and time again.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive in with them during this exclusive chat.

  • doneLearn how Digital Empathy uses Predictive Behavioral Analytics to predict what a customer will do next and why
  • doneUnpack how 85% of customers say that being treated with empathy is the biggest driver of loyalty.
  • doneHow do you treat customers empathetically - at scale?

Top questions & answers from this webinar
Q: What would be your textbook definition of Digital Empathy?

Answer: Jonathan: See that's really hard, but my textbook definition would be an organization that has the information available on every customer and every employee to be empathetic at scale and at scale is the key thing here, we can all be employed at one to one. So it's not a textbook definition, but the key here is understanding the emotions of every customer and employee every day to allow you to put empathetic programs in place, which will then drive certain financial outcomes. Employees will have a reduction in churn and and the latter impacts on the customer outcomes.

Q: What do you think about NPS?

Answer: Jonathan: It is a great measure because it's simple. You can stick it up to an executive, they were always easy to benchmark as we all understand it. The biggest problem actually with NPS and I would argue, the same with any other metric like CSAT score (Customer Satisfaction score), CES (Customer Effort score) is, it starts to become all about the score. And so we don't want to build an empathy score. The challenge with every cx program and every metric is, it has nothing to do with the score. It doesn't make sense if you measure NPS, CSAT and CES, but dont do anything about it. I think what NPS has behind it, which is useful, is a methodology. It's got a series of processes that people don't think about. My experience is for those companies who want to invest in a program, it's actually a very good program framework. It's about the methodology, how do you design a program, how do you close the loop, what are the governance structures, and the the measurement frameworksyou should be thinking about. But the reality is it's great for relationships, but terrible for transactions. i'm a fan of it because it's a simple measure but it's really divisive.