A 7 step framework for building amazing products with your customers

Hosted On: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

About the Webinar

Our product expert Anup Surendran, VP Product and Engineering at QuestionPro, with his unique experience in selling solutions to Fortune 100 companies, will elaborate on the framework he has developed “A 7 Step Framework For Building Amazing Products With Your Customers”. In the webinar also joined another product expert Eric Boduch, founder of providing advice on customer satisfaction and product adoption to help meet your business growth rates.

About The Speakers

Anup Surendran
Anup Surendran
Vice President, Product
Anup has served fortune 500 companies for over 15 years, specializing in solutions and product architecture. Some his most notable clients, include: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Fairfax Financial Holdings, Canadian Pacific Railways, Dominion Resources, and Thales Group. For over five years, Anup has been heading up Product at QuestionPro. His mantra is to provide customer solutions that surprise and delight.
Eric Boduch
Founder & Board Member,
Eric Boduch founded "" in 2013 in the heart of Raleigh and backed by Battery Ventures, Spark Capital and Meritech Capital, and has raised $56 million and grown revenue by 400% in the past year. In 2017, it was named a Top 50 Startup by LinkedIn. Used by hundreds of innovative software product leaders, Pendo tracks 20 billion user actions, and improves the product experience for 40 million users every month.