How To Engage The Organization Effectively?

Hosted on: Thursday, October 18, 2018

About the webinar

QuestionPro - The Insights Platform has teamed up with Owen CX - the leaders in designing and implementing NPS programs, with over 1,000 successful implementations under their belt. They are also the creators of the Net Promoter Masterclass, the official Net Promoter Certification program. In this webinar, we discussed the key components of a successful NPS program using the most powerful Insights Platform and why it’s critical to train you and your team on the methodology.
Many programs fail because either the executive team or the rest of the organization don’t have a clear understanding of what the program is and what they need to do to support it. Richard describes the Owen CX method of engaging the C-Suite so that they understand the strategic and economic importance of a program and give you the tools you need to engage their support. Once you have the executives on board you will also need to enable your entire organization so that they understand what the program is, why it’s important and how they can affect it from their position.

In this webinar we discussed:

  • Proven ways to engage C-Suite Support
  • Building a Champions network to support your program
  • Powering your program by engaging the whole organization

About the speakers

Vivek Bhaskaran
Vivek Bhaskaran
CEO and Founder, QuestionPro
Vivek Bhaskaran is the CEO and Founder of QuestionPro, one of the industry's leading providers of web-based research technologies. In 2008, the company made Inc. magazine's list of the fastest-growing private companies, ranking 172nd overall and 25th among business-service providers. Vivek also co-founded IdeaScale and is the Executive Chairman of TryMyUI and Lander.
Richard Owen
Richard Owen
CEO and Founder, OwenCX
Richard Owen is the founder and CEO of the OWEN CX Group. Richard has enjoyed a 30-year career centered around the use of technology to transform business operations. Most recently Richard was CEO of Satmetrix, the co-creator of NPS, for a period of 15 years until the successful exit to Nice Systems. He is also the author of ‘Answering the Ultimate Question – How Net Promoter Can Transform your Business’ and the creator of the official Net Promoter Certification program.