Key Strategy for Customer Experience Management

Hosted On: Thursday, January 18, 2018

About the Webinar

Customer Experience is the exercise of curating and implementing customer feedback to make sure they stay loyal to your brand and also spread a word about it.

In this webinar, Craig Lee, Independent Customer Experience Transformist, Speaker, Advisor and Coach shared with the audience the key strategies of customer experience management. To successfully transform your business, you need to work on one touchpoint at a time that were discussed at length in the webinar.

Craig shared the recent Customer Experience CX trends that affect the Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Customers, service and profitability of an organization. He shared the four stages of customer experience plan and the customer experience leaders who outperform the others in the market.

Other discussed parameters were what are you currently doing that you need to watch out for or what can you watch out for or how to secure early wins in a case to name a few.

About The Speakers

Craig Lee
Independent Customer Experience Transformist, Speaker, Advisor and Coach
Craig Lee helps organisations improve business results by challenging the way we think, relate and transact with customers. He helps drive customer centricity and reshapes customer experiences across multiple touch points. Most recently Craig held the position of Customer Experience and Brand at Emirates. He is based in Dubai and consults internationally. He is a co-founder of TribeCX.