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Employee Satisfaction Software and Analytics

Create, Send and Analyze Employee Surveys

Workforce is a comprehensive employee satisfaction platform that enables creation and analysis of fully automated survey, polls and questionnaire distribution and collection using multiple methods such as email, website embed, mobile app and more.

Map and Track Employee Lifecycle

With Workforce, you can map, track and measure employee satisfaction throughout their employment lifecycle, starting from onboarding to exit. Workforce has robust features that enable an organization to keep track of employee sentiments and helps increase the level of their satisfaction by collecting actionable insights.

Measure your Culture with 1 M+ Culture Data Points

Uncover data about your workplace using our Workplace Genome that offers 1 million+ culture data points. This feature will help you align your workplace culture and collect data that will authorize you to generate solutions to improve the levels of engagement at work. Use the culture markers of transparency for feedback to reach to you directly without any loopholes.

Effectively Improve Employee Satisfaction

Make data-driven work culture decisions that drive and improve employee satisfaction, improves workplace morale and boosts employee productivity. Create a winning work culture that is driven primarily with effective employee satisfaction and motivation!

Measure and Activate your Culture

Use our proprietary Culture Measurement Model to produce deep insights on how behavior affects employee satisfaction. You can analyze the data obtained by deploying a 15-minute employee survey to identify organizational nuances and dive deeper into knowing the organizational culture.

Integrated Solution for Survey Based Analytics

Gather meaningful data on employee satisfaction throughout the employee lifecycle. Start with our well researched, tested and proven survey templates to measure employee satisfaction level during recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and exit process. Leverage the powerful algorithm we have built to identify key drivers for measuring satisfaction level.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

With Workforce, you can monitor and heighten leadership visibility to real-time employee experience through a one page Workforce dashboard and effectively monitor ad improve levels of employee satisfaction.

One Stop Solution

Understand your employees needs, expectations and make intelligent human resources decisions. Create meaningful long-term relationship with your employees and empower your human capital.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Move to Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) as a measure of sentiments, engagement, satisfaction, connect and affiliation. That’s what we offer you with the Workforce- employee satisfaction software.

Customizable Employee Portal

Centralized access to news, performance reviews, business intelligence and more. The customized look of the portal will complement your own brand. Filter and share data directly with your employees. Solutions and innovations at the click of a button.

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Mobile ready software

Conduct pulse review to track employee sentiments, make performance reviews quick and easy. Employees receive a survey on their mobile phones and you as an organization can collect responses and review the analytics.

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Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your software obtained data with your existing platforms with a host of powerful CRM integrations to measure Organizational Health Index (OHI), employee experience and levels of satisfaction. These integration tools are futuristic and technologically advance.

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Software Data Security

Software data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro ‘s software tools. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certified and fully GDPR compliant.

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