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Human Resources (HR) Analytics Software

Create, Send and Analyze Employee Surveys

QuestionPro Workforce is the most comprehensive HR analytics software with a full turnkey feature set to create and analyze fully cloud-based surveys, polls, and questionnaires or simply use our ready-made survey templates. Distribute your employee surveys over email and the QuestionPro Pulse App to collect real time data.

Map and Track Employee Lifecycle

With Workforce, you can map, track and measure employee analytics and data throughout their employment lifecycle, starting from onboarding to exit. Workforce has robust features that enable an organization to keep track of employee sentiments and helps increase the level of their engagement and satisfaction by collecting actionable insights.

Measure your Culture with 1 M+ Data Points

Uncover data about your workplace using our Workplace Genome that offers 1 million+ culture data points. This feature will help you align your workplace culture and collect data that will authorize you to generate solutions to improve the levels of engagement at work. Use the culture markers of transparency for feedback to reach to you directly without any loopholes.

Employee Churn Analytics

When it comes to Human Resources there is a great deal of people analytics and data that is involved. Employee churn analytics is the process to analyze your workforce turnover rate. Employee churn analytics can help an organization predict the churn and look way ahead to avoid this in future. Our HR analytics software helps you collect data through an entire range of employee surveys.

Capability Analytics

Capability analytics is the talent management process that every organization needs. Undoubtedly, the success of any business or any organization depends on the skills and level of expertise of the workforce. Capability analytics is important to address any gaps in the organization.

Culture Analytics

It is true culture cannot be pinpointed, replicated or changed overnight. Culture is often the unspoken collective rules, systems and patterns that make up for the behavior of the human capital in an organization. With our 1M+ culture markers you can analyze your organization’s culture at the click of a button and keep a detailed record of the analytics and feedback.

Capacity Analytics

Capacity affects revenue, let’s be honest here. The aim of capacity analytics is understand how operationally effective is your workforce. If a company is into people management and doesn’t really focus on it’s own ways of people management then there are fair chances they are way too casual about the work they are doing for their organization.

360-Degree Feedback

Collect 360-degree reviews from your workforce. Using the more futuristic approach, assessment can be delivered automatically to each individual. The assessment gets auto-saved and one can fill out the survey over multiple sessions, which reduces survey fatigue and allows greater fidelity. Organizations can receive a complete report of analytics over a period of time and the admin can track the status of each individual.

Leadership Capacity

Conduct free leadership assessment for your workforce. 360 leadership review framework and tools can help leaders understand how their workforce is aligned with the organization’s goals. Poor leadership costs money, time and employee attrition. Poor leadership is no leadership. Data can be collected through qualitative and quantitative research both by using surveys, polls and questionnaires.

Identify the Gaps

Every organization needs results, so you need to focus on what’s driving your organization’s engagement levels to in turn identify your organization’s success drivers. Our trajectory map will help you give preference and attention to the attributes that will help you close the gap. Gap analysis is essential for assessing the difference between actual performance and expected performance.

Employee Net Promoter Score

MMove to Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) as a measure of sentiments, engagement, satisfaction, connect and affiliation. That’s what we offer you with the Workforce- employee engagement software. eNPS measures employee loyalty and it is essential to collect data related to employee sentiments to be able to address their concerns.

Customizable Employee Portal

Centralized access to news, performance reviews, business intelligence and more. The customized look of the portal will complement your own brand. Filter and share data directly with your employees. Solutions and innovations at the click of a button.

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Mobile ready software

Conduct pulse review using the Pulse app to track employee sentiments, make performance reviews quick and easy. Employees receive a survey on their mobile phones and can respond to these survey from their phones itself. You as an organization can collect the responses received from your employees and review the analytics.

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Software Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your software obtained data with your existing platforms with a host of powerful CRM integrations tools to measure Organization Health Index (OHI), employee experience and satisfaction. These integrations utilize web-hooks and APIs for a smooth back-end integration.

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Software Data Security

Software data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro ‘s software tools. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certified and fully GDPR compliant.

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