Workforce solutions

Complete Workforce Solutions for employee engagement, human resource management and increasing organizational employee satisfaction.

QuestionPro Workforce solutions help organisations systematically monitor employee efficiency, performance and happiness / stress levels.

Workforce solutions

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Workforce solutions

Every organization today is trying to reduce their overhead cost on employees and increase employee efficiency. Workforce solution is an institutional process that will help you maximize employee performance levels, recruiting, budgeting, forecasting and much more. Workforce solutions will help organizations systematically monitor employee efficiency, performance and happiness/stress levels.

Workforce solutions for employee engagement

Keeping your employees engaged with all the distractions around them is a challenge every organisation faces. QuestionPro’s employee engagement solution works with organisations to monitor employee engagement levels by asking them a set of scientific questions using which QuestionPro employee solutions can analyses the data collected and project systematic solutions to increase engagement level. Leaders can use QuestionPro’s employee engagement solution to understand which department or employee is facing these gaps and address them to improve engagement levels.

Few advantages of employee engagement are :

  1. Organically improve ratings on platforms like glassdoor and linkedin.
  2. Increased organisation health index (OHI)
  3. Increased employee referrals
  4. Improved workplace productivity
  5. Increase employee retention
  6. Attract top talent

Workforce solutions for employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is simple measurement of how content and satisfied employees are with their current roles and responsibilities at an organisations. QuestionPro’s workforce solution for employee satisfactions helps organisations periodically ask a set of questions to all the employees and analyzes the data collected to project the employee satisfaction level for your organisation. It is very important that QuestionPro’s workforce solution for employee satisfaction is run periodically to monitor the change of the employee satisfaction levels over time.

Few of the survey types for employee satisfaction are:

  • Standard Survey: Here you can create a typical employee satisfaction survey using standard and advanced question types, powerful survey logic and branching options.
  • 360 Review: This survey type enables you to conduct company-wide employee engagement surveys with specialized analytics.
  • Pulse: A pulse question is simplistic and short, but powerful employee satisfaction survey that measures your employee mood and morale quickly with effective analytics.

Workforce solutions for leadership assessment

Any organisation can only work towards its goals if the leadership teams are aligned to the same goals. This is key for the success for any organisation that is driven by goals and targets. It is also important for us to understand that the leadership teams also face challenges and need to be assessed every quarter to understand if everyone is aligned to the company goals. Every organisation typically only focuses on employee assessment and ignores leadership teams because its a tougher problem to solve.

QuestionPro workforce solution for leadership assessments helps you overcome this problem by using 360 degree survey methodology for the leadership team. Each employee and team member are asked to rate the leadership teams they work with in a systematic manner which lets the QuestionPro workforce solution understand where the underlying problems are, organisations can then address these problems and course correct the leadership team back to their company goals.

Advantages of using QuestionPro Workforce solutions for your organization

QuestionPro workforce solutions provides an organisation with all the tools required to understand and analyse their employees satisfaction, engagement and performance levels. QuestionPro uses scientific methods designed for monitoring each of these elements and also works towards improving the employee’s journey towards success and reduces the risks of failure.