Employee Engagement Survey Questions and Software

Employee Engagement Survey Questions and Software for a happier, productive and winning work culture

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Engaged employees will make you money , disengaged employees will cost you money.
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What an Employee Engagement Survey?

All World-class winning companies have a World-class work culture. This is because they understand the most critical value of employee engagement – Happy customers are the result of happy employees! It is a well proven fact that engaged employees will get you more customers while dis-engaged employees will cost you more customers.

An Employee Engagement Survey is a set of questions directed towards an organization's employees such that the survey seeks to understand the level of engagement of these employees with the organization at large. These surveys are typically sent to employees using Online Survey Tools. Some of the key metrics of measurement of these questions are :

  1. Employee motivation levels
  2. Alignment of employee's understanding with overall organizational goals
  3. Understanding employee mood and morale
  4. Gathering insights on how to improve employee productivity through engagement
  5. Analyzing team level survey responses for cross-team benchmarking

Employee engagement survey and analytics are key to creating a work culture that positively cultivates employee mood and morale, increases workforce productivity and sustains an overall winning and happy workplace.

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Top 15 Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Here are the top 15 employee engagement survey questions you need to include in your survey to get better responses from your employees so that you can measure your employee engagement levels and also identify the areas that need improvement so that there is increased employee engagement.

  1. Do you enjoy coming to work every morning?

  2. Do you know what are the organization’s expectations from you?

  3. Are you happy to be a part of this organization?

  4. Do you think you are well equipped to perform well at this job?

  5. Do you feel happy about contributing your ideas to the team?

  6. Has your manager helped you succeed in your current position?

  7. Do you feel your contributions are well recognized by the organization?

  8. Do you think about looking for a job in another organization?

  9. Where do you see yourself in this organization in the next 5 years?

  10. Do you have access to the things you need to do your job well?

  11. Do you feel most of the systems and processes support you to achieve your tasks and perform your duties well?

  12. Do you feel there are good career opportunities for you in this organization?

  13. Do you think as an organization we are in tandem with your career goals?

  14. What are some of the things we do good in this organization?

  15. Is there anything else we should have included in this survey?

Tips to write great employee engagement survey questions:

Why measure employee engagement?


Employee engagement survey questions help you measure employee engagement, but why measure it in the first place?

So imagine you have a small organization with a limited number of people employed and you feel why is there a need to send out a survey, you can ask your employees how engaged they are when you meet them in the corridor or may be in the smoking area.

On the contrary, you have a big organization to look after with a couple of thousand employees and you feel what’s the point to send out surveys, either way, it's going to take ages to gather the data and evaluate the results. We have more important things to do that gather people data.

When you measure employee engagement, your Human Resources team can take meaningful actions on the matters that will help your employees perform better in the workplace. Many organization wants to measure employee engagement because it helps reduce employee attrition and because it has a positive flow-on effect on attributes like innovation. Employee engagement surveys enable teams to collect employee feedback empowering them with the right data. Feedback is the key because it represents the collective voices of your employee base, rather than the loudest voices of a few people.

Advantages of Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey is an effective and data-driven way to engage employees at work by “listening” to them. The core aspect of such a survey is to collect feedback from employees at work, making them feel more involved in certain decision making processes and to identify loopholes in your organizational process.

QuestionPro Workforce's employee engagement survey software tool gives you critical employee insights, enables you to keep tabs on office mood and morale, increase employee productivity and undertake cross-team evaluations.

Some of the core benefits of conducting periodic and consistent employee engagement surveys and using Workforce's employee engagement platform and software tool are:

Organically improved

Organically improved ratings on platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn.


Increased Organization Health Index (OHI).


Increased employee referrals for recruitment, hence, reduced HR operational cost.


Improved workplace productivity.


Reduced employee attrition and increased retention, leading to reduced employee training cost.


Prevented loss of top company talent to competitors.

QuestionPro Workforce: The Employee Engagement Platform

QuestionPro Workforce - The Employee Engagement Platform, is the most comprehensive employee engagement software tool with complete employee engagement survey analytics suite. This platform allows you measure employee engagement in your organization using a series of employee engagement tools such as Weekly Pulse to measure employee mood and morale, Organization Health Index (OHI) for comparative employee engagement measurement with other companies in your domain or work, Cross-team Benchmarking, Employee Score Card, 360 Leadership Evaluation and a lot more. Here is a quick sneak peak into our employee engagement platform :

Employee Engagement Survey with QuestionPro Workforce - The Employee Engagement Platform, is a rare combination of simplistic usability with sophisticated analytics and insights. What makes our Workforce so unique is that it is the only employee engagement survey and comprehensive employee engagement platform that is built and configured with features that give you maximum employee insights.


Employee Weekly Pulse Surveys

Weekly Pulse employee surveys allows you to quickly capture and analyse the office mood and morale of your workplace with a simple question that derives powerful insights!

Employee Weekly Pulse Surveys

360 Employee Survey

Sometimes, just an overview is not enough. When the need of the hour is a thorough company-wide 360 degree employee engagement survey, that is when QuestionPro Workforce enables you to create, send and analyse 360 Employee Surveys for a top-down view of the state of employee engagement in your organization.

360 Employee Survey

Leadership Evaluation Report

When it comes to creating and sustaining a winning work culture, no one is beyond reproach. Infact, workplace leaders have an intrinsic responsibility to stimulate a good work culture through adequate examples and leadership. Leadership Evaluation Report is derived from Leadership Assessment Surveys that enables senior management staff to rate themselves and the report assesses them vs how others rated them on the same questions.

Leadership Evaluation Report

Organization Health Index (OHI) Measurement

OHI with QuestionPro Workforce enables your organization to benchmark against competitive organizations in your domain of work, in terms of employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Maintaining a competitive and healthy OHI, helps organizations increase employee retention, reduce loss of valuable employees to competitiion and improves organic job references.

Organization Health Index

Cross Team Benchmarking

One of the most valuable insights from employee engagement surveys is that of Cross-Team Benchmarking.Here employees are seen from a team-level view point and are benchmarked based on how respective teams fair against each other in metrics such as - team motivation, alignment with organizational goals and so on.

cross team benchmarking

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Employee Engagement Survey Example with QuestionPro Workforce

Employee Engagement Survey can often be a complicated subject often requiring expertise, but not with QuestionPro Workforce! It is a complete DIY platform that lets you create, send, analyse and above all, “measure” employee engagement in minutes!

Here is a quick employee engagement survey example to get your started:

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Create your survey from scratch or pick an employee engagement survey framework from over 100 options.

Start an employee engagement survey from scratch.



Pick from 50+ employee engagement survey frameworks.

Step 3.

Send your survey to employees, segregated departments, job roles or to the entire organization.

Step 4.

View live analytics and reports on the go from any device!


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