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Location: Thompson Hotel

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We bring expert speakers together for you to hear from with the purpose of keeping you up to date with the latest advancements in CX, employee experience and insights. We are as excited as ever to show how you can harness the power of experiences and use it to transform your organization from the inside out.

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Event agenda

Wednesday, October 25th

6:30 PM - 8:30 PMHappy hour at Half Step Cocktail Bar. Proudly sponsored byEsomar

Address: 75 1/2 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Thursday, October 26th

8:00 AM Breakfast and registration

Kickstart the day with a delicious breakfast! Connect with fellow attendees while getting registered for a day of insightful sessions. Check in before 8:45 AM to be entered to win a Bose Waterproof speaker.

9:00 AM Welcome to XDay 2023

Dan Fleetwood
Crystal Wiese

Join Crystal Wiese and Dan Fleetwood as they welcome everyone to XDay North America 2023!

9:15 AM Kickoff with QuestionPro CEO

Vivek Bhaskaran

Join us for the XDay 2023 morning kickoff session with Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO and Founder of QuestionPro, as he takes the stage to share his visionary perspective on the dynamic intersection of Experience, Insights, and Delight. In this highly-anticipated session, Vivek will unveil exciting new products and feature updates, setting the stage for a day of innovation and inspiration.

Be at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in the world of understanding and experience, and discover how these advancements will shape the future of your work and industry.

9:40 AM Keynote with Walter Geer

Walter Geer
Walter Geer

Walter is the Chief Experience Design Officer in VMLY&R, the agency behind award-winning campaigns for blue chip client partners like Coca-Cola Company, Colgate-Palmolive, Dell, Ford, Intel, Mondelēz, New Balance, Pfizer and Wendy's.

10:30 AMCoffee & Pastries break

Rest for a moment and grab a refreshment while mingling with fellow attendees before the final sessions of the day.

10:45 AM Practitioner led breakout sessions

Each speaker will be on a different stage, allowing you to choose the session that interests you the most.

Main StageThe future of insights with generative ai

Dan Fleetwood
Sumair Sayani
Sumair Sayani

Explore the exciting possibilities that Generative AI brings to the future of insights and how it can shape your industry.

Breakout Room 1 Igniting an Experience Revolution by Giving a Sh*t about People

Shawn Nason

Take a deep dive into the radical transformation that happens when you invest in culture and put people above profits.

Breakout Room 2 Consciously craft your future of work

Al Adamsen

As the very nature of work is being continuously disrupted by AI, globalization, and other factors, how are you preparing? This workshop will explore how to consciously craft the future of your work and will introduce a process that can help you better prepare for what lies ahead.

11:30 AM Practitioner led breakout sessions

Each speaker will be on a different stage, allowing you to choose the session that interests you the most.

Main StageSatisfying customers and employees is nice, but it’s the innovators who win in the long Run

Gina Woodall

Innovation, as perceived by customers and employees, is critical to long-term success because it has been proven to drive positive emotions, customer and employee loyalty, brand attractiveness and stock returns. The American Innovation Index™ scores and ranks 200 of the top U.S. companies on their innovativeness based on the experiences of 7,000 consumers across 20 sectors.

We will reveal which companies are most innovative in their business and socially innovative through the eyes of their customers, what makes them innovative, and how customer and employee perceptions should be used to plan long range.

Breakout Room 1More than words: Leveraging visuals to unlock emotionally rich qualitative insights

Jill Meneilley
Wayne Childers
Susannah Childers

Dive into the world of visuals to supercharge your qualitative research and truly connect with your customers. Get ready to unlock fresh, actionable insights and take your research to the next level!

Join us for:
• A journey into the emotional impact of visuals.
• Storytelling with a creative twist and data that pops.
• Exploring visual magic to gather richer and actionable insights.

Breakout Room 2Defy gravity and rewrite the work story

Dan Riley
Dan Riley

The context is changing and for many, WORK IS BROKEN. Employee expectations have changed, and many traditional work models are obsolete.

Though the world of work has never been more uncertain, one thing is clear — organizations who consistently inspire change by putting their people first and building a culture of trust, connection and transparency will come out on top.

Engineering LoungeOn the path to delivering Total Experience - CX and EX convergence

Dan Riley
Sumair Sayani
David Hicks

Join us in this forward looking discussion about the future of Total Experience measurement, specially from the perspective of connecting CX and EX measurements and strategies.

We are going to explore questions like:
• What are the metrics of the future?
• What role will technology play in this transformation?
• What are some best practices where organizations have successfully implemented TX transformation?
• What is the best place to start?

12:30PM Lunch

Enjoy a delightful lunch while networking with peers! Discuss insights from the morning sessions and recharge for the afternoon.

1:45 PMThe State of Experience and Insights

Arti Pullins
Arti Pullins
Lee King
Lee King
Rachel Rothman
Vijay Pendakur
Amanda White
Amanda White
Ana Shaffer
Ana Shaffer

Unlocking the synergy between delight, experience, and insights is a strategic imperative in today's dynamic landscape. In this engaging panel, industry luminaries converge to illuminate the path towards crafting the ultimate program that seamlessly integrates these pivotal elements.

Our distinguished panelists, drawn from diverse sectors, will delve into the art of aligning customer delight with superior experiences, all while leveraging robust insights. They will share proven methodologies, innovative approaches, and real-world success stories that underline the transformative impact of a well-crafted program.

2:45 PM Practitioner led breakout sessions

Each speaker will be on a different stage, allowing you to choose the session that interests you the most.

Main StageEmpowering change inside your organization

Saja Licina
Sanja Licina, Ph.D
Serena Huang
Serena Huang, Ph.D

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the change you were able to drive from the results of your last employee survey? Not very satisfied? If that’s the case, you are certainly not alone.

Most leaders say that taking meaningful action on the data is one of the biggest challenges they face in their employee listening strategy.

Breakout Room 1What’s new and coming in the Research Suite

Nick Freiling
Nick Freiling

Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and features in QuestionPro's Research Suite.

Breakout Room 2Harmonizing your Research, CX, UX, and EX endeavors with Experience Mapping

Valerie Peck
Valerie Peck

Join us to uncover the power of Experience Mapping in optimizing your business processes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering a harmonious work environment.

3:45 PMClosing Keynote: Leadership lessons for your life, your workplace and your future

Puja Rios
Puja Rios

Puja Rios will be leading this enlightening keynote session focused on leadership and how to apply it to multiple aspects of life. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of her new book "Get It Together: A Winning Formula for Success from the Boss You Need."


4:30 PM - 8:00 PMRooftop dinner at award winning, WaxMyrtles.

Learn from industry experts and leaders!

Walter Geer
Chief Experience Design Officer
Gina Woodall
rockbridge associates
Puja Rios
Chief Revenue Officer -
Serena Huang, Ph.D
Amanda White, MBA
Data Storyteller and Strategic Marketer
Lee King
Senior Manager, Consumer Insights
lending tree
Wayne Childers
Chief Conversation Officer
ah ha
Susannah Childers
Chief Possibility Officer, Founder
ah ha

Shawn Nason
CEO and Founder
Al Adamsen
Dan Riley
Vijay Pendakur
Founder and Principal
Vijay Pendakur consulting
David Hicks
Co-Founder & Chairman
XM Coach
Vivek Bhaskaran
CEO & Founder
Sanja Licina, Ph.D
President, Workforce
Arti Bedi Pullins
President and Chief Healthcare Officer
Valerie Peck
Managing Director, SuiteCX
Dan Fleetwood
President, Research & Insights
Ken Peterson
President, Customer Experience
Jill Meneilley
Director, Digsite
Sumair Sayani
Global Lead AI Programs & Strategic Partnerships

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Thompson Austin

A place for locals and visitors to let loose poolside or at our restaurants and bars, where the luxe, contemporary vibe is signature Thompson — bold but not showy, complex yet confidently relaxed.

Join us on October 26th in Austin, TX to experience the evolution delight for your customers and employees.

Book your room here

Thompson Austin and tommie Austin share location at the heart of the city. Both hotels by Hyatt have become downtown Austin’s hottest destination for exciting new culinary and entertainment experiences. Thompson Austin offers a really sophisticated stay while the tommie Austin brings more a relaxed lodging.

UPDATE: Thompson Austin is at full occupancy, tommie Austin is still available below.

Other nearby options

The Westin Austin Downtown booking

Speakers from past events

Lilah Jones
Head of Corporate Sales
Jason Alleger
Consumer Insights& Strategy
Melissa Ferere
Senior Research Lead
Bill Trovinger
Customer Insights Director
Stephanie Leung
Strategic Advisory: Business Health
Ray Poynter
Romi Manajan
Andrea O'Leary, PhD.
Global Head of Colleague Experience
Terah Weese
Terah Weese
Director Next Generation Insights
Manjiri Patwardhan
Head of Client Success
Ray Poynter

Welcome to Austin!

Getting around Austin & planning ahead

Austin isn't that big, you'll get to most places within 20-30 minutes (as long as it isn't rush hour).

Don't expect to use public transportation. There are scooters and petty cabs in a few areas, but walking and Lyft are your best bets.

Amazing views

Crystal's favs

Live music

Make reservation

Food truck



Bats watching

Dog friendly


Great activities to do while the sun shines!

Classic Austin places to go:

Zilker park

Auditorium shores

Lady bird lake

Lake Travis

Hamilton pool

Congress street bridge

Cocktails with a view:

Group Therapy
Wax Myrtle’s
La Piscina

Austin is a well-known foodie city. Best known for BBQ, Mexican food and food trucks.

Elevated cocktails:

Kitty Cohen's

Small Victory
Bosses office
Kinda tropical

Mexican / Tacos:




Las Trancas

Cuantos Tacos

Carnitas el Guero

If someone from the Carolinas tries to tell you they have the best BBQ, they're wrong.
Franklin's - the most famous BBQ
Salt Lick
Terry Blacks

KG BBQ (James Beard semifinalist)

QuestionPro Team Favorites:


Bufalina Due
Loro (owned by Franklins)


Odd Duck
Buenos Aires Cafe

Ember Kitchen

Arlo Grey (Top Chef winner Kristen Kish)

At night there are more than a few options of areas depending on what you're looking for. Generally, they're all quite close (5-10 minute Uber).

Dirty 6th - Everyone should see it at least one Thursday-Sat night. It lives up to its name of being quite dirty but you probably want to see it just to tell the story.

Rainey Street - A more adult, cleaner version of Dirty 6th, go here if you must but it’s for the tourists.

Half Step
Emmer & Rye
Little brother
Clive bar

East Austin - This is a cleaner, safer version of Brooklyn 15 years ago.

The White Horse
Easy Tiger
Floppy Disk Repair Co.
Yellow Jacket Social Club
La Holly

South Austin - This is kind of broken into two areas of South Lamar and SouthCongress/South 1st St.

Broken Spoke
Continental Club
White Tiger

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