Advanced randomization of answer options

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What is advanced randomization in surveys?

Advanced randomization in surveys is a technique by which the answer options are presented to each respondent in a different order. It is used to overcome order bias - a behavior in which respondents tend to select the first option.

To tackle this, survey creators present answer options such that they need to spend some time going through all the options and choose an honest answer.

Prevent order bias using advanced randomization

Often respondents want to complete surveys as soon as possible, leading them to look for the first answer that makes sense. If the first choice is the relevant answer, they may choose it and move to the next question while ignoring the remaining options. Presenting answer items in the same sequence for each respondent can generate a bias towards those options at the top. Hence, in the survey report, the weight of these answers gets overstated.

Example of advanced randomization in surveys

Consider a coffeehouse that wants to conduct a customer feedback survey and asks respondents to select their favorite coffee. The survey creator can randomly display different kinds of coffee, such that respondents do not view them in the same order. It will ensure that the respondents get different coffee as the first option.

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Uses of advanced survey randomization

Types of randomization in surveys

Order bias can creep in at various levels while answering the survey. Survey creators can overcome this challenge by configuring randomization in a survey software at below levels.

We offer three options to randomize answer options.

Advanced randomization options

After saving the settings, the answers options will be randomized based on the rules configured. You can preview the randomizing answer order with the survey preview URL.

Note: After a respondent completes the survey, the answer items will randomize for the next respondent. However, if the same respondent refreshes the page or goes back in the same browser, the answer items will not randomize.

How to preserve randomization in surveys?

There can be research surveys with multiple questions having the same set of answer items. In such cases, you need to preserve the random order used to display the options in the first question so that the same sequence of options is used in the following questions.This phenomenon is known as extraction.

Learn more: How to set up extraction logic in a survey question?

How to download randomized answer options in surveys?

You can generate reports and analytics on the surveys with random answer options. You can also download survey data in common formats like .xls, .pdf, and .doc.

You can view which options were shown to the respondents and what were their chosen answers. However, you will not be able to view the exact sequence in which the choices were presented to the respondents.

Advantages of advanced randomization

How to set up advanced randomization in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on advanced randomization of survey answers in surveys.

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