What navigation buttons can I set up for my survey?

  • Exit Survey
  • Back
  • Next
  • Continue
  • Social Network Toolbar
  • Progress Bar

How can I set up the navigation buttons for my survey?

  • Login >> Surveys (Select Survey) >> Edit >> Interface >> Navigation
  • In the Navigation section, you'll find the options for all of the buttons available.
    • Next Button: enter the text you'd like to use for the "Next" button.
    • Done Button: enter the text you'd like to use for the "Done" button when a respondent is finished with the survey.
    • Enable Exit Survey Button: check the box next to this to include an "Exit" button on each page of the survey to allow the respondent to exit the survey at any time. Respondents who choose to exit a survey before completing it will be marked as incompletes.
    • Exit URL: If you would like to direct users to a particular website when they click "Exit," you can set this URL here. Note: This is NOT the same as the Finish Options URL.
    • Enable Back Button: check the box next to this to include a "Back" button on each page of the survey. Note: This option will automatically be disabled if you have any logic or branching in your survey.
    • Enable Social Network Toolbar: check the box next to this to include social buttons for sharing the survey via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The social network toolbar will be included in the footer of the survey.
    • Progress Bar Location: use this to select where the progress bar should appear. Select "None" to not show a progress toolbar.

If you set any of these options and want to remove the option later, you can to back to the Display Settings screen and un-check the boxes previously checked. The Next and Done buttons cannot be removed.

Can the respondents use the Browser Back button/option to go back on the Survey?

No, respondents can only use the back links provided on the Survey Pages.

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Can I customize the text for the "Exit Survey" and "Back" buttons?

No. At this point we do not allow for customizing the text for these navigation buttons. This also applies to multi-lingual surveys.

Can the user go "back" multiple pages?

No. Currently we've limited the navigation back button to the previous page only.