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What are the navigation buttons?

The navigation buttons let you move through the survey and make it easy to answer the surveys. They improve the overall survey-taking experience of the respondents.

Respondents taking your survey can navigate through the questionnaire using the below ways:

Learn more: Question types supporting the auto-advance feature

Learn more: Question types supporting the back button

Respondents should not use browser navigation buttons to move through the survey. Survey admins can change the color of the submit button and theme to match their brand voice.

Example of navigation buttons in a survey

Consider the below sample customer feedback survey. Respondents answering this questionnaire can use the back button to go to the previous question or page. The next button will take them to the next page. Clicking on the 'Exit Survey' link will exit the survey. If any exit URL is configured, then the system will navigate them to that website, else they will see a Thank You page.


Uses of navigation buttons in a survey

Advantages of using navigation buttons in surveys

How to set up the navigation buttons in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on back and exit navigation buttons.

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