Contact Information

What is the Contact Information type question?

The Contact Information question type adds in a properly formatted and consolidated question asking users for their contact information. You can choose from various details that you require, such as Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.

How can I add a Contact Information type question?

  • Click onadd questionbutton to add a question.
  • Select Text from the Standard Question Types list.
  • Click the Contact Info tab.
  • Select the type of contact information you want to capture, as well as the question text you want to include with the question. You can also click Edit Text under any of the fields selected to change the text that appears next to the field.



  • Click any of the validation boxes to validate the entry:
    • Mailing address: require a valid zip code
    • Phone number: require a valid phone number format
    • Email address: require a valid email address