Contact information survey question


What is the contact information question?

With the contact information question type, you can collect respondent contact details and demographic information in the same question.

By default, the contact information question type asks respondents the following identity and contact fields.

However, you can turn off any of these fields and add custom fields to retrieve more information from the respondents.

By default, the mailing address will be turned off. On toggling it on, the survey creators will be able to view the below fields.

You can also customize the text labels of these fields with a rich content editor. The form fields can be set to accept input in a specific format only using a RegEx pattern.

Apart from the validation of the input format, survey-creators can either force responses from the respondents or request a response. In the latter case, even if the respondent doesn't answer the question, the survey will be submitted.

Contact information question in surveys

The responses to this question can be used for the demographic segmentation of the audience. Apart from it, you can manage communities too based on the answers.

Learn more: How to link a question to the community profile field?

This question type also supports uploading a video in the question text. You can link a YouTube or Vimeo video or upload it from your library.

You can add a report label to identify the responses easily in the reports.

Example of contact information question type in surveys

Consider any services company that wants to conduct a customer satisfaction survey to get their customers' feedback. If too many customers from the same region are not happy, it points to many possible improvement areas. On digging data further, the management team can find out if the quality of delivery needs to be improved or customer support.


Note: In a GDPR compliant survey, market researchers must get the consent of the respondents before collecting any personal information

Data analysis of responses to contact information question

Charts are not created for this question type, but you can view the results under the Analytics tab.

Download data

You can download the survey data in .xls, .doc and .pdf formats.

Uses of contact information question in surveys

Advantages of contact information question type

How to add a contact information (open-ended text) question in your surveys?

Learn more about this survey feature and how to add this question type with our help file on the Contact Information question.

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