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What is survey chaining?

Survey chaining can be used to intelligently branch to different surveys depending upon how people respond to specific questions. It can be helpful when you want to keep research studies separate for reporting or track the logic.

Chaining logic is available under the logic section and can be used to jump to different surveys within the account using skip logic . The response ID of the first survey from where the respondent is directed to another survey is passed in as an external reference variable . This variable is available with the response for the chained questionnaire. You can also pass up to 5 custom variables to the chained survey.

The complete experience of chained studies is very fluid, and the respondents will not come to know that they have jumped to a different research study.

Example of a chained survey

Consider a market research firm that wants to conduct an online study on the entertainment industry. As the domain is so vast, researchers have created many studies for each sub-domain. Depending on the option selected by the respondents, they are routed to a different questionnaire dynamically. The study below asks respondents to select their preferred source of entertainment.

Chaining Survey

If the respondents select 'Movies', the system takes them to another questionnaire.

Chained Surveys

Uses of chaining surveys in research

Advantages of chaining surveys in research

How to chain surveys in your research project?

Learn how to set up and use this feature using our help file on chaining surveys.