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Taylor Swift Helps Chicago Book Most Hotel Rooms on Record

Chicago booked a record number of hotel rooms last weekend as Taylor Swift played three Eras Tour concerts in the city.

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Inside the economic power of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” is projected to become the biggest concert tour in the history of music. As a sign of appreciation to the workers supporting the tour, Swift handed out individual bonus checks to her team, totaling a reported $55 million. NBC’s Emilie Ikeda reports in this week’s Sunday Focus.

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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Could Generate $4.6B for U.S. Economy: Report

Fortune reports that fans are spending over $1,300 on average for tickets, travel and clothing for the concerts, per a QuestionPro survey

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Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Could Generate $4.6 Billion For Local Economies

Fans are clamoring to see her live performances, creating an unparalleled demand.

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Taylor Swift's Eras tour could become the highest grossing tour of all time

Taylor Swift’s era-defining “Eras” tour is flying like a jet stream, high above the music scene — by billions of dollars.

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America Spends Big for Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” and Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tours

The artists’ fans have been shelling out on lavish wardrobes, parties and travel, generating business and boosting spending in host cities.

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Study published on 06.08.2023
Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Could Generate $5 Billion for the US Economy

The Eras Tour could generate

$5 Billion

in economic impact

Concertgoers spent


approximately per show


of concertgoers say it was worth the experience

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With 91% loyalty, fans say they would definitely attend another Era's Tour concert if given the chance.
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Swiftonomics: The Methodology

A total of 592 respondents participated in the survey, all of whom attended at least one concert during Taylor Swift's Era tour. This was verified over time by comparing questions and answers around demographics. Each respondent has been double verified and their contact information is securely stored on file with QuestionPro. The study has a margin of error of +/- 4% at a 95% confidence level.

The study found concertgoers are spending on average $1,300 per show, with 71 percent saying it was worth it because the experience was so rewarding and 91 percent saying they’d go again.

Let's review the impact of swiftonomics as the survey of 592 people also found:

The eras tour would have generated

$5 Billion

in economic impact

This is bigger than the

GDP of 50


58% of the attendants are between

35 - 64

years old


Of concertgoers say it was worth the experience

Achieving a



Saying they'd go again

Concertgoers spent


approximately per show


Have been to 10 or more concerts


Got tickets on the pre-sale

  • Ticket access was not much of an issue. About 36 percent of attendees got tickets in the pre-sale with another 44 percent getting them in the first ticket sale. Only 12 percent got them thru the second ticket sale, with 4 percent on the resale market.

  • It’s a family affair. Nearly 20 percent noted attending with parents, 31 percent with children and nearly 20 percent with siblings.

  • Besties and partners. The highest proportion of attendees listed going with their friends (53 percent and romantic partner (42 percent).

  • New fans. 71 percent said this was their first Taylor Swift concert, while 25 percent said they’d been to at least 2 and as many as 10 concerts. A few groupies (3 percent) have been to 10 or more.

  • It cost more, lots. The average concert goer spent about $720 more than their budget for a total average of $1,327.74, including expenses such as tickets, outfits/costumes, merchandise, food & drink, and travel.

  • Happy campers. Despite paying more than budgeted, the Eras Tour achieved a Net Promoter Score of 68, putting it on par with the top 3 admired brands such as Costco, USAA, and Southwest Airlines (it would be tied with Apple and the Ritz Carlton for fourth)

  • Not just for kids. About 58 percent of attendees are between 35 and 64 years old while just 37 percent are between 18 and 34. Less than 5 percent are under 18.

  • Would do it all over again. More than 70 percent said going to this event was worth it and a whopping 91 percent said they are likely to attend another concert – and would pay up to $1,311.35 to go again.

“These numbers are pretty incredible,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of QuestionPro Research and Insights refering to swiftonomics. “If Taylor Swift were an economy, she’d be bigger than 50 countries; if she was a corporation, her Net Promoter Score would make her the fourth most admired brand, and her loyalty numbers mimic those of subjects to a royal crown. It’s all a testament to her focus on the fan experience.”

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With a 68 Net Promoter Score, Taylor Swift is a Top 5 Brand

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