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As a bootstrapped company, we know how important it is to have the access to the right tools, right people and even more important - right data. We offer you all of these for free!

Get access to our full Research Edition license with 5,000 responses included (a $10,000/year value). Even better – if you have an incubator or accelerator program apply here on your behalf, you can get another 5,000 responses (for a total of 10,000) – feel free to share this page with them!

Eligibility requirements

1. Startup is less than 36 months old
2. Raised less than $10 million USD
3. Incorporated and have a domain name

Make informed decisions

As a startup, consult specialists on subjects that you care about. Conduct in-depth, one-on-one interviews, and gain insights from the subject-matter experts.

Co-create with your online communities and collect qualitative and quantitative insights for continuous discovery.


Avoid mistakes with advanced research and analysis

Analyze survey data to measure drivers like competitive intelligence, purchasing behavior, and price sensitivity.

Research market dynamics and how it affects your brand.

Understand purchase intent, perceived value of a product, and identify optimum pricing models.

Survey software | QuestionPro

Understand the pulse of your target audience

Conduct focus group studies under a trained moderator to get new business ideas. Improve your relationships, identify key drivers of your business and enhance the sales process.

Use our free resources like ready-made survey templates and get started in no time!

Survey software with integrations for business

Get started today!

Take advantage of the best free survey software on the market and boost your startup to the next level with real and valuable data.



Tie business and feedback data together

How can QuestionPro Research help startups?

Whether you do consumer research on your own or use the best market research software for startups, collecting the right data is critical to starting a new business on a positive note.

Advanced market research tool free for startups

Selecting the survey and research software for startups can be a costly affair. Startups, generally, tend to cut costs in these areas.

QuestionPro offers the best products - for free.

Create products and services that are the right fit for the market

Find facts before spending a lot of time and money on the startup.

Send, manage and track surveys that save your resources and offer meaningful insights.

Delight your customers with products

New companies often face an uphill battle. We are here to ensure your journey is easier and help you create products that offer the best CX.

Perform SWOT analysis sooner and set yourselves for success.