10+ Logic methods to customize the survey flow

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Compound and Delayed Branching

With compound and delayed branching, you can program advanced skip logic based on a response to previously answered questions or based on multiple responses. Place the question anywhere in the survey for a seamless experience.

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Branching from Multiple Select

Multiple select branching lets you program skip logic to jump to different locations in the survey based on answers selected from a multiple-choice question. This adds a layer of personalization.


Branching from Matrix

If you want to guide respondents based on their answers to a matrix question, you can use matrix branching. This helps in crafting a relevant and engaging journey for the respondent.



Extraction is a neat tool that allows you to display question options based on the options selected in the previous question. It helps in creating a tailored path within the survey.

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Piping gives you the ability to display text based on selected survey responses and carry that text over multiple pages. It's all about crafting a coherent and personalized experience across the survey.

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For a more unpredictable and dynamic survey, you can program advanced randomization logic, like:

- Randomly selecting 1 question from a list of N questions

- Randomly selecting m questions from a list of N questions where m is any positive integer less than N.

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Fancy creating an online quiz or test? With scoring, you can assign scores to each answer option, turning your survey into an interactive challenge.

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Quota Control

Quota control helps you manage the number of respondents you want for each option in your survey. It's all about ensuring a balanced and representative sample.

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Custom Scripting

For those looking to go the extra mile, custom scripting offers full control over the survey flow. You can set up any kind of custom logic, with complex criteria based on single or multiple questions.

Remember, tailoring your survey experience to your respondents' interests and responses not only makes it more engaging for them but can lead to more insightful data for you.

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