Learn How and When to Use Likert Scale Survey

Learn how Likert scale is used to measure attitudes and opinions of the survey respondents

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What is Likert Scale?

Likert scale is named after the American social scientist Rensis Likert. By definition, Likert scale survey offers more than one option to answer a certain question. It's like you neither agree or disagree.

Likert scale survey is extensively used to measure attitudes and opinions of the survey respondents. It gives the respondents an option to have a neutral or no opinion about the subject matter.

With the advanced analytics offered by QuestionPro it is extremely easy to analyze the Likert scale survey in real time and get powerful statistical insights to understand how the consumer behavior affects your product or services.

Let’s understand what makes up a Likert scale survey, learn when you should use this tool, and see how you can put it to work for your surveys.

What is Likert scale survey and how to use?

This survey consists of the questions that help the survey respondent chose from the options given.These questions can be used in a variety of surveys, whether its employee satisfaction or customer feedback.

Let’s see a few examples of questions that are used in a Likert scale survey

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our customer service?

I am satisfied with the in time and out time rules in my organization

When to use Likert Scale survey?

Likert scale is used to collect accurate information about a specific opinion from survey respondents. You can use this survey to understand if your survey respondents have liked or disliked certain change or are completely neutrally opinionated about it.

This survey can be used to understand:

Apart from the mentioned areas, the Likert scale can be used in different surveys where you need to measure the sentiments about something in specific or need a to know detailed response in general.

Advantages of using Likert scale in your survey

  1. One of the main advantages of Likert scale survey is that it is extremely easy to understand and respond to.
  2. If you as an organization usually collect and work on quantitative data, it is extremely easy to draw conclusions and tabulate the data thus obtained.
  3. The survey respondents are not forced to have an opinion. The response options are given in a manner that respondents can have a neutral or no opinion at all.
  4. It's extremely quick and easy to send out this type of survey and can be easily answered on handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets.