Employee evaluation survey templates for the pandemic

Sample questionnaires and templates for Employee evaluation during the Pandemic

Employee evaluation survey templates for the pandemic

Crisis situations like the COVID-19 can come out nowhere upending all your workplace and business operations. Organizations need to adjust to the situations and continue moving forward. We have designed some survey templates that you can use in your organization to assess and gather data for addressing any workplace employee concerns. These questionnaires are designed by industry experts and aim to get to the bottom of staff issues and alleviate any issues and concerns they may have. Use these online templates to check-in on them, assess remote productivity, check employee well being ad gauge their readiness for returning to work after things start to settle down.

Use work from home efficiency survey template to know how productive your employees are while telecommuting. Know if they are facing any challenges and whether they need any help with this sample questionnaire.

Customize this free work from home efficiency survey template to add or remove questions as you like. Learn more about your employees' experience while they are working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic and find out how you can improve their experience.

Use work from home check-in survey template to know if employees in your organization connect enough with the team during the Covid-19 pandemic. Collect data on how often they communicate and if they are facing any challenges.

Customize this free work from home check in sample questionnaire to add or remove questions. Find out if your employees need any support from the leadership team.

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc globally on the workforce as well as the economy. Employees have started working from home instead of out of shared workspaces and offices. While this is the need of the hour, it has also lead to multiple challenges including operational and management challenges. The leadership check-in survey has been developed by established global leaders to help the leadership and other stakeholders get a pulse of their distributed workforces.

Use this sample survey template to understand the challenges faced by the employees, their faith in the organization, industry, and economy on the whole. Uncover challenges and problems like distractions, internet issues, collaboration, etc. that can be used to understand if the employees are aligned to organizational goals and are facing difficulties or challenges in being productive. Deploy this sample questionnaire to identify if the organization’s workforce has faith in the decision-making ability of the leaders in the times of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Use the check-in sample survey as-is or expand on it using our vast survey questions bank to identify the challenges that your organization’s leaders and management would like to know.

Return to work survey template and sample questionnaire is designed to check up on your employees and their readiness to get back to work in view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This back to work pulse questionnaire looks to understand the below aspects:

- Workforce readiness to get back to work
- Staff apprehensions of coming back to the workplace in view of the coronavirus pandemic
- Employee wellbeing, both physical and mental
- Remote work support assessment
- Work from home (WFH) or telecommuting comfort