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CSAT puanınızı ölçmek için ücretsiz CSAT anket örnekleri

En iyi 15 Müşteri memnuniyeti anketi şablonu ve örnek anketler

QuestionPro'nun müşteri memnuniyeti anket şablonlarını ve anket sorularını kullanarak, mevcut müşterilerinizin işletmenizden, markanızdan ve müşteri girişimlerinizden ne kadar memnun olduklarını takip edebilir ve ölçebilirsiniz. Bu müşteri memnuniyeti anketi soruları, pazar araştırmanız için çevrimiçi anketleri kullanarak daha yüksek bir anket tamamlama ve yanıt oranı sağlamaya yardımcı olur.

CSAT anketlerimiz uzmanlar tarafından tasarlanmıştır ve bunları anında çevrimiçi müşteri anketleri yapmak için kullanabilirsiniz. Bu hazır çevrimiçi müşteri anketi şablonlarını gereksinimlerinize ve araştırma odağınıza uyacak şekilde özelleştirebilirsiniz. Bu çevrimiçi CSAT anketlerini kullanın ve müşteri deneyiminizi, müşteri memnuniyetini ve müşteri hizmetleri girişimlerinizi iyileştirmeye yönelik adımlar atın. Net Promoter Score NPS soruları, açık uçlu sorular, Likert ölçeği soruları ve çok daha fazlasını içeren çeşitli soru türleriyle müşteri memnuniyetini bugün ölçmeye başlayın. Raporları gerçek zamanlı olarak analiz edin ve bugün önemli iş kararları alın!

The product satisfaction survey template collects customer feedback data on product usage. It can be used to evaluate customer experience and identify improvement areas in your products. Based on the data collected, gain insights into their expectations and benchmarks.

Use our free product satisfaction questionnaire to learn how likely are customers to buy products from your company. Check if they would recommend your product to their friends or colleagues.

These sample product satisfaction survey questions are ready to be used in your online surveys. You can also customize them as per your needs.

This customer satisfaction survey example is designed for a complete CSAT evaluation and measurement of your consumer's satisfaction levels with 2o+ unique questions to measure Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, CSAT, customer service satisfaction, etc.

Use this sample questionnaire and start increasing customer retention score. Gain interesting insights from customer recommendations for your products and services. You can customize our customer satisfaction survey questionnaire for free based on your needs.

Retail store survey template to collect customer feedback on various aspects of the store. This sample questionnaire template includes critical store evaluation questions to consumers, such as location, inventory, customer service, merchandise pricing, value for money, and overall customer satisfaction. Use this store feedback template and grow your business with real customer insights.

This customer service survey questions template consists of multiple questions that evaluate the level of service that a customer receives while interacting with a brand.

The customer service team is one of the essential factors as feedback is to be collected. It is known that it is much more expensive to acquire a customer rather than retain a customer; hence, customer feedback is vital. This survey template was created by industry experts who understand the importance and value of collecting feedback.

Conducting a customer service survey provides in-depth feedback about customers and their perception of the brand and maps out areas of the business that need fortifying upon and alternatively also where work is required.

This seminar purchase motivation survey template helps organizers know the intention of registrants. Check what seminars they have attended in the past and if they plan to attend again in the future. Learn why did they buy tickets and how did they hear about the seminar.

Collect feedback from attendees and gain insights on how you can improve the seminar content and arrangements further. This sample seminar purchase motivation questionnaire can be customized as per your needs.

Health Care survey of organizational concern for patient satisfaction.

These precisely drafted service quality survey questions collect feedback and insights that help in making important business decisions to improve service quality. This sample questionnaire comprises of comprehensive, expert-designed questions targeted to measure service quality and evaluate customer service experience. It includes the executive's expertise in understanding the problem, identifying causes, and resolving concerns on time.

According to Customer Thermometer, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor to choose a brand. Use this survey template and start evaluating and taking measures to improve service quality based on real customer feedback.

The short customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey template offers a short and simplistic but powerful method to measure customer satisfaction. It contains questions in a form of a questionnaire that help measure the level of satisfaction that a customer has with a product or service and the frequency of use along with the referencability of the product or service.

Auto Purchase/ Lease Satisfaction Survey Template provides researchers a set of 25 questions which can be customized to gain insights about a customer’s purchasing experience. The automobile industry thrives on customer satisfaction and each automobile retailer ensures that their customers are content with the offered services. A sample questionnaire such as this one can be used to obtain information about whether the customers had a satisfactory visit or not, the quality of provided test drive, demographic details etc.

Purchasing an automobile is one of the basic necessities across the globe. Whether it is a student or a person going to a regular job or even just a parent, an automobile is one of is required to commute between destinations.

The Automobile sector is segregated in various classes namely the common passenger vehicles, the transport vehicles and the luxury vehicles. A purchase of an automobile is based on factors such as price, brand value, specifications but most importantly it’s service provided after the purchase. Service is one of the most prominent sectors when it comes to customer experience. It is very vital to know the manufacturer’s dedication towards providing service before purchasing a vehicle. It is something that plays a considerable role in the buying decision as to ease of access to service, tie ups with accessory manufacturers, orientation towards customer service etc.

An automobile buyer always does his research thoroughly considering all the factors and as a manufacturer, it is always profitable to give out relevant information and coax a consumer towards a purchase with your brand even before questions are forthcoming.

Use our free Net Promoter Score survey questions template to know if your customers are likely to refer your company to their friends or colleagues. Classify your customers into promoters, passives and detractors and take actions before you lose them. Collect customer satisfaction data and gain insights into customer experience.

The sample NPS questionnaire collects quick feedback and has open-ended questions to enable customers explain the reasons for their rating. They can also share their comments, concerns or suggestions to help you improve your products and services.

You can also customize this NPS survey template to suit your needs. It is ready to be used in your customer surveys and help you grow your business.

Retail store survey questions to collect customer feedback on various aspects of the store. This sample questionnaire template includes critical store evaluation questions to consumers, such as location, inventory, customer service, merchandise pricing, value for money and overall customer satisfaction. Use this store survey and grow your business with real customer insights.

Business survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information about how satisfied the customer is with your business.

This survey aims to identify what challenges are faced by customers while shopping at your business place, online or offline and help you understand what can be improved. Business surveys are very critical for every business.

Following are the questions to gather information about customer satisfaction and customer opinions.

Customer loss survey questions is a questionnaire to understand the reasons why a customer has left your business. This survey template aims to identify the reasons that influenced the customer to leave your business and to uncover the factors, where improvement can be done to reduce customer churn.

Such a survey can enable businesses to understand common characteristics and sentiments of this population and hence try to improve certain areas which can help them win those customers back.

Following are the questions to gather information about the factors that influence a customer to leave.

User satisfaction survey questions is a questionnaire to understand how satisfied a customer is with the product/service they are using. This survey aims to identify the perceptions of the users with regards to their experience while using the product/service. Such a survey can enable businesses to understand views of the users about their product/service and hence try to improve certain areas which can help them to keep these customers loyal and may be even promote it.

User satisfaction is as an important attribute that is extracted from a product or service after its usage. Nowadays the competition in the market for all kinds of businesses is increasing and hence, all businesses have to keep up with the competition to keep their users satisfied. According to the local consumer survey, 92% of the users trust recommendations made by a family or friend. 93% of the respondents stated they turn to online reviews to decide if the product/service is good. Word of mouth is considered to be a key influencer by 74% of this audience. Such recommendations or reviews are achieved only if the user is satisfied with the product/service. It is said that experience is going to be the key differentiator by 2020, not the price or the product but how satisfied a customer is going to be with the experience provided. Hence a user satisfaction sample survey template can be helpful for businesses to stay ahead in the game and build those loyal customer and may be even brand ambassadors.

Following are the questions to gather perceptions of the user about the product/service and their level of satisfaction.

Use this free B2C pulse survey template to understand the impacts of the COVID -19 crisis on your customers. Identify how the expectations and behavior of your customers have changed over the past few weeks. Collect data and gain insights into customer choices and preferences. Analyze their buying patterns and formulate a sales and marketing strategy to better connect with them. Identify risks and keep uncertainty at bay with a detailed analysis of survey results. This sample B2C survey template is ready-to-use and can help you gather primary data for your Coronavirus related market research. Customize the free questionnaire to meet your specific needs.

This B2B customer pulse survey template consists of questions your business-to-business brand can use to engage with your customers in the time of this pandemic. While the global economy has been affected by coronavirus, use this sample questionnaire to understand how the global slowdown has impacted your consumers and customers. Learn how your products or services are used at this time. Uncover engagement challenges for your brand and make tweaks to better service and retain customers.

Keeping customers loyal during this time is imperative, and this pulse survey can help you unlock insights about your B2B customers. Make instant and positive changes to reduce your customer churn rate and ensure a higher satisfaction level with your brand. Reduce the impact that COVID-19 has had on your customers with higher customer satisfaction.

2022 için en popüler müşteri memnuniyeti anketi şablonları

1. Kısa Müşteri Memnuniyeti Anketi Şablonu

Müşterileriniz ürünlerinizi veya hizmetlerinizi ne sıklıkla kullanıyor? Tekrar müşteri olma ihtimalleri var mı? Yalnızca dört temel soruyla, bu basitleştirilmiş ancak kesin anket, bir müşterinin bir ürün/hizmetle etkileşiminin sıklığından kullanılabilirlikten memnuniyetlerine, yeniden satın alma veya sürekli kullanım olasılıklarına ve en önemlisi, en kritik müşteri memnuniyeti ölçümlerini kapsar. — ürününüzü başkalarına tavsiye etme olasılıkları.

2. Ürün Memnuniyeti Anketi Şablonu

Çevrimiçi incelemelerin ve dönüşüm oranının ötesinde, müşterilerinizin ürünleriniz hakkında gerçekte nasıl hissettiklerini öğrenin. Müşterilerinizin toplu olarak daha fazlasını beklediği belirli bir özellik var mı? Ürün özellikleriniz ile müşteri memnuniyeti arasında nasıl bir ilişki var? Ürünler için en önemli 11 müşteri memnuniyeti anketi sorumuz, müşteri hizmetleri deneyiminden ürün kullanım memnuniyetine, süreç değerlendirmesine vb. kadar her şeyi değerlendirir. Müşterilerinizin ürünlerinizi gerçekte nasıl kullandığı, işletmenizle müşteri yolculuğu sırasındaki deneyimleri ve daha fazlası hakkında eyleme dönüştürülebilir geri bildirim alın .

3. Ürün Değerlendirme Şablonu:

Eksiksiz bir ürün değerlendirme anketi ile ürününüzün 360 derecelik değerlendirmesini derinlemesine inceleyin. Bu müşteri anketi soruları, şirket geri bildirimi, müşteri hizmetleri, derecelendirmeler, ürünleriniz ve müşterinizin geri dönme niyeti hakkında eyleme geçirilebilir bilgiler toplamaktan, tüm satın alma yolculukları boyunca müşterinizin memnuniyet düzeylerini ölçmeye odaklanır. Müşterilerin satın alma işlemlerini tamamlamasını engelleyen, satış öncesi veya sonrası ortak caydırıcılar olup olmadığını belirleyin.

4. Motivasyon ve Satın Alma Deneyimi

Müşterilerinizin motivasyonlarını anlamak, dönüşümleri artırmanın ve satışları hızlandırmanın ayrılmaz bir parçasıdır. Sektör uzmanları tarafından oluşturulan bu müşteri hizmetleri anketi soruları, müşterilerinizi satın alma işlemlerini tamamlamaya iten “neye” odaklanır. Ürün geliştirme, satış, destek ve tüm satış eko sistemi ve satış sonrası müşteri memnuniyeti ile ilgili güçlü ve zayıf yönleriniz hakkında derinlemesine cevaplar alın.

5. Perakende Mağazası Değerlendirme Anketi Şablonu

Müşterileriniz, ister çevrimiçi ister çevrimdışı satış yapıyor olun, perakende büyümenizin anahtarıdır. Örnek müşteri anketi sorularımızla perakende mağazanızın çeşitli yönleri hakkında müşteri geri bildirimi toplayın. Bu örnek anket şablonu, konum, envanter, müşteri hizmetleri, ürün fiyatlandırması, paranın karşılığı ve genel müşteri memnuniyeti gibi kritik mağaza değerlendirme sorularını içerir. Bu şablon, tüketicilere tek bir matris anket sorusu kullanarak 12 temel soru sorar.

QuestionPro, hem işletmeler hem de müşteriler için sorunsuz bir anket deneyimi yaratır. Müşterilerinizin tam olarak ne düşündüğünü anlamak, ürünlerinizi, hizmetlerinizi, marka imajınızı geliştirmek ve rekabetçi bir sektörde öne çıkmak için çok önemlidir. Ücretsiz kaydol ve şablonlara, anketlere ve eyleme dönüştürülebilir içgörülere erişin.