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What is a 360 review?

QuestionPro’s 360 review is a multi-source review process that allows individual employees to receive feedback from a variety of sources, including supervisors, peers, and subordinates. This well-rounded review process — also known as the 360 degree review — offers employees the opportunity to understand and compare how their strengths and weaknesses are viewed at every level of the company. By welcoming input from various sources, 360 reviews also help limit performance reviews structured from individual bias.

How are 360 performance reviews used?

Our clients typically use their 360 reviews in three key ways: to replace the annual review process, to augment professional development, or to identify key patterns and discrepancies across multiple groups.

In our 360 review dashboard, your employees can give and receive feedback in the following categories: leadership qualities, communication skills, teamwork, quality of performance, and customer relations.

Replacing the annual review process with 360 performance review

The traditional top-down performance-review process limits feedback to the employee’s direct supervisor — which, while efficient, runs the risk of individual bias. Expanding the annual process to include direct reports and feedback from other team members maximizes objectiveness in regard to performance reviews; It also allows direct managers to request feedback from the employee’s team members and analyze any patterns.

Additionally, employees are able to get more feedback; sometimes, their peers or subordinates can offer new areas of improvement or provide insights from the day-to-day or areas that direct managers handle with a hands-off approach.

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360 review and professional development exercises

For those that prefer to forego the careful set-up and management that the compensation-based performance review process requires, the 360 review platform is also capable of acting as a professional development exercise.

These exercises were designed strictly to help individual employees grow their hard and soft skills. In a similar manner as our performance reviews, 360 feedback can be used to understand and manage peers’ perceptions on core skills.

Identify patterns in your workplace

Whether you’re looking for a way to streamline your review process or help your employees grow, both 360 performance review software and professional development exercises can give your employees the advantage in identifying key patterns and discrepancies in their performance. Not only do 360 reviews increase accountability, but your organization can disseminate the data and apply it company-wide to fix repetitive issues, such as oversights during the training process or even procedural matters that can thwart employee growth.

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