Danebury Research Case Study

Harnessing QuestionPro research solutions to serve the PR & communication industries with the highest quality of data.

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Producing Global Industry Reports to fuel PR & Communications campaigns with QuestionPro



Danebury Research is a global full-service market research company in the UK which works with both agencies and clients on a global level. It’s dedicated to empowering brave decisions through the provision of reliable, accurate, and representative data.

A specialist in supporting the PR and communication industries with global industry reports to fuel PR and communications campaigns. Danebury Research combines access to over 200 million respondents across more than 100 countries, to create industry leading headlines and thought leadership at a truly global scale.

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Utilizing their relationships with PR agencies the ambition has been to make Danebury Research one of the most trusted market research partners for PR and comms professionals. To achieve this, it was fundamental to select a research platform provider that solved all their challenges and allowed them to provide a great service for their clients.

  1. Ensuring large-scale high-volume research projects are delivered in a timely manner through effective surveys and questionnaires to produce attention grabbing headlines.
  2. Flexibility to deliver research in different international markets.
  3. Guaranteed 14-day turnaround for important client projects.
  4. Managing international surveys with up to 16K respondents per study.
  5. An effective end-to-end research process aids their collaboration with PR agencies.
  6. References in the public domain for international reports with globally recognized clients like Sage.