LegalShield Case Study

Legalshield gains valuable insights about their customers experience by collecting customer feedback at various touchpoints using in-app surveys to improve their journey.

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LegalShield applies innovative technology to provide their members a seamless experience


QuestionPro helped LegalShield set up a system to collect and manage feedback from members across various defined touchpoints. The latter was key to gaining valuable insights about their customers experience with the brand, attorneys and law firms.

Company Overview

LegalShield strives to build a better world for every human where access to justice, legal services and protection, and security is equal, accessible, and affordable. Through technology and innovation, LegalShield is disrupting the traditional legal system and transforming how and where people receive legal guidance and services, with access to qualified, trusted attorneys and law firms.


The goal is to provide a platform that enables: easy integration and flow of data using the FTP scheduler, the ability to support requirements for net promoter and future ad-hoc surveys, 24/7 account management and support, and versatile product enhancements with quick turnarounds.


To gather member satisfaction and feedback after they interact with the brand, or one of the brand providers, in an accurate and objective manner.

Technical implementation and ensuring user experience excellence was important to LegalShield so it was crucial that the system was built to and available around the clock. Any delay or system break down meant loss of valuable feedback and damage to LegalShield’s tech- reputation.

Project Outline
  1. Briefing from LegalShield
  2. Survey design and creation
  3. Survey translation for multilingual audience
  4. Survey distribution among worldwide panel
  5. Permanent control of fieldwork
  6. Data cleansing
  7. Data reporting and analytics

QuestionPro solves the challenges of agile market research

QuestionPro's market research platform with its easy-to-learn, high-performance, powerful and advanced tools enables organizations to conduct agile market research themselves. With QuestionPro, you can set up research projects quickly and automate processes to collect feedback and experience data. Our advanced analytics tools help you crunch both quantitative and qualitative data to gain valuable insights for your business.

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