Northern Beaches Case Study

The Northern Beaches Council is working to bring in a new era for more than 250,000 Northern Beaches residents. They use QuestionPro to collect and respond to important information from the community members.

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Northern Beaches Council connects with the residents to protect the future of the community


The Northern Beaches Council leads the community in protecting the future of this unique and beautiful place. Their goal is to maintain a safe, inclusive and connected community. QuestionPro surveys play a major role in how they collect and respond to this important information from their community members.


Northern Beaches Council was formed May 12, 2016, and marked a new era for more than 250,000 Northern Beaches residents. Living on the Northern Beaches means checking surf conditions from the office and taking children to the beach after school. It’s about busy sports fields, bushwalking and bike trails on the weekend. It’s an active lifestyle with clean waterways, beautiful wildlife and vibrant events backed by excellent services and infrastructure. Northern Beaches Council is committed to delivering the highest quality service, valued and trusted by the community.


Northern Beaches Council wanted a survey solution that allowed the council to collect feedback from the community, build datasets of targeted stakeholders and conduct internal reviews as often as needed. They also needed this solution to provide the information in varied reporting styles. Their biggest concern was the ability to do this while maintaining their corporate identity including specific branding and url links.


Using the team edition meant they had access to advanced customisation features, and the ability to send out a large number of surveys. They were also able to gather a lot of data from a wide audience using different touch points. The ability to have multiple surveys but a single dashboard allowed management to gather all insights from a single space.

Project Steps
  1. Northern Beaches sets up a Team license
  2. Using the ability to customise the surveys, and deploy across different touch points to gather more data
  3. Multiple people deploy surveys for different projects and access surveys and reports in a single platform

QuestionPro supercharges the data you collect with advanced reporting

Andrew Grocott, Manager, Community Engagement at Northern Beaches Council said “The ability to capture analytic data on our survey responses has improved with the strong reporting functions of QuestionPro”. QuestionPro offers you scalable and customisable reporting with the ability to analyse sentiment for video responses, combine and consolidate data from different surveys or touchpoints to build better actionable intel from the respondent information.

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