Turkington Martin Case Study

Visual Concept Testing of New Landscapes Powered by QuestionPro.

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Utilizing QuestionPro to develop sites and landscapes more representative of communities.

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Turkington Martin are landscape architects committed to creating beautiful & sustainable places through high quality design & understanding how people use space.

Clients range across all sectors and include residential and commercial developers, local authorities, universities, and healthcare trusts. The demographics of local communities are never standardized. Turkington Martin utilizes QuestionPro to ensure critical engagement with audiences that aren’t always easy to reach or particularly IT/tech savvy.

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Amidst COVID QuestionPro’s survey platform was instrumental in gathering feedback for new residential sites. After the pandemic, Turkington Martin took ownership from the housing association to lead an end-to-end consultation process.

They needed a user-friendly survey platform for real-time insights to enhance their in-person consultations. The right balance of simplicity with good visuals was required to answer questions relating to CGI and landscapes. A review of several platforms was initiated.

  1. Data gathering has been fairly instant which enables Turkington Martin to produce site plan graphics and 3D renders which their clients find really easy to understand.
  2. Developing sites and landscapes more representative of communities.
  3. Aiding the planning process; Turkington Martin can reference the consultations and survey information to be included within the appendices of design and access statements.
  4. Turkington Martin generates surveys that can then be distributed by others whilst they receive the information directly, this is vitally important for their needs.