Matrix spreadsheet survey question


What is a matrix spreadsheet survey question?

A matrix spreadsheet question is a collection of open-ended text box questions in a tabular format. Respondents enter their responses as text in the rows and columns of text boxes.

Survey creators can use the textbox grid to group multiple questions that have short answers. However, there is no character limit set on the fields.

Matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid survey question in online surveys

On adding this question in your surveys, a textbox grid shows up. You can add a row or column to include additional fields. To cover a situation when none of the options apply, you can add an 'NA' column.

Edit options

Edit row/column: Add or delete any number of answer options. Format the row and column answer text using a rich content editor.

Edit rows/column in bulk: Add or delete multiple rows and columns in one go. It will save time and enable you to use ready to use answer options from scale library.

Validation: To make a question mandatory to answer, set 'Force response' on this question type. Respondents will not be able to submit the survey until they answer this question. On setting the validation to 'Request response', the survey respondents will receive a prompt with a message reminding them to answer the question. However, they can skip it and go ahead with submitting the survey. You can also set custom validation messages for this question type.

Settings: Survey creators can select one of the below input types for each cell in the table.

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Matrix type: Select from below two matrix types.

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Question width: Control the percentage width of the question text so that viewers have the best experience. It will also set the gap between row text and column text.

Mobile rendering: Matrix questions generally require respondents to scroll the question on mobile devices to view it completely. Toggling this option on enables respondents to view a mobile-friendly version of the textbox grid question.

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Repeat column headers: Set the number of rows after which the column headers must repeat. It is used in scenarios when there are many rows of options and might be an annoying experience for a respondent to keep scrolling up to view the column header text.

Display order: Set the order of rows and columns in which they must be presented to the respondents.

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Alternate color of rows and columns: Set alternate row and column to show up in different colors.

Add a video: Add a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or upload it from the library as a question.

Report label: Add a label to identify this question easily in the survey data reports.

Community settings: Select the community from the dropdown list to link the fields in this question with the 'profile field' in the community.

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Data analytics of matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid question type

You can view the overview of responses to this question in the reports dashboard. Find the total number of responses to this question as well as individual count for each answer option.

You can also view the responses as raw data and download them in .xls format. To share the report, use the report link or embed the code on your website.

Example of matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid question type

Consider a restaurant or a hotel that wants to collect customer feedback data using a survey. With this question type, they can collect data on a wide range of topics under a single question.


Example of matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid question type

If the input type is changed to the radio button, respondents will be able to select any of the options.


Uses of matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid question type

This question type can be used extensively in feedback and evaluation surveys. Respondents can add open-ended responses in the textbox and let businesses know the improvement areas.

When it is required to collect multiple data points for a single entity, use a spreadsheet matrix question in your surveys.

Advantages of matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid question type

How to use a matrix spreadsheet or textbox grid question in your surveys

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