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What is a QxBot AI survey?

QxBot is QuestionPro’s innovative generative AI tool designed within our existing survey platform. Using a conversational interface to create surveys on any topic within seconds, you can build quick, creative surveys on any topic you are looking to research in as little as 60 seconds.

To explain this in simpler terms, conversational AI and generative AI tools like ChatGPT allow you to ask questions in a conversational style to generate intelligent answers. The model is based on the premise that it evolves and adapts to the persona you give, making it highly intuitive and intelligent.

QuestionPro AI harnesses the power of its own proprietary generative AI engine on top of ChatGPT to develop an innovative, agile, and fast AI-based survey generation tool. With QxBot, in two simple steps, you can define your research topic and generate survey questions right from the survey platform. Tweak the survey as per your needs, and you are good to go!

QxBot is built to make it easy for novice researchers and seasoned market research professionals to use the survey questions generated by AI as they deem fit. From ideating to generating questions, the process takes less than a minute. With a purely conversational style, you can tweak the questions, reorder them, add even more questions, or deploy them as is.

As the tool is constantly evolving and growing, you can use the platform to ask questions on any topic and create surveys to the breadth and depth of your insights needs. Unleash your creativity to generate survey questions based on just a few words or as detailed as your brief in a simple text box and deploy your survey within seconds.

The tool does the work for you so that you can focus on what’s important, the insights.

Example of using QxBot to create surveys

QxBot is natively built into the QuestionPro survey platform and can be used by all. To better understand how to use this in a survey, let us take an example of building an AI-based survey using QxBot on the FIFA World Cup.

With a simple query, you can generate a repository of survey questions on the soccer world cup. With a simple, intuitive conversational style box, you can generate the questions to the detail and persona that matches your research study. This survey includes qualitative and quantitative questions and can have demographic questions if your market research requires it.

Once the questions are generated, you can use some or all of them, move them around, tweak them, or use QxBot to tailor and refine the questions further. When the questions are generated, you can then use our enterprise-grade survey tool to add point-and-click survey logic, page breaks, randomization, skip logic and branching, and more to make the insights generation effective.

The AI-based survey is tailored to reach the audience of your choice and in their language, making this platform's use cases endless and limitless.


Use of QxBot to create surveys

There is constant innovation in market research. There are multiple uses of QxBot, the generative AI survey tool, to make insights collection faster and better for you. Some of the most notable benefits of QxBot to create surveys are as follows:

Advantages of creating surveys with QxBot

Some of the most notable advantages of creating surveys with QxBot are as follows:

How can you build AI surveys using QxBot?

Explore our help file on building surveys with QxBot to leverage this functionality better. You can also watch this video on creating AI-based surveys with QxBot within under a minute.

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