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How to create Free Online Polls

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What is an online poll?

An online poll is a market research tool that helps you collect quick feedback. An online poll consists of a single survey question with 2-3 answer options that are distributed using multiple online options such as email, social media, website intercepts and other online research methods.

You may need an instant feedback from your audience. For example: what's the best time for you to go to the gym? Or who will win the next election?

Yes? No? Not sure? Get a quick poll done and know what your audience thinks!

Here are QuestionPro’s 250+ free survey and poll templates with examples, that you can start using at the click of a button:

Where should you use Online Polls

Since Online polls are quick and easy ways of getting a feedback about anything. Here are a few ways you can use online polls:

  1. To keep your audience engaged: Online polls help you get a quick feedback from your audience, be it your facebook followers, twitter followers, youtube subscribers or even Instagram followers. Create an online poll to get a quick opinion from them and know what your audience is thinking!
  2. For market research activities: For a brand or a business online polls are a very powerful and efficient tool for your market research activities. If you need a quick feedback on a product or any related services. Create and send out an online poll and get instant feedback. When there is a time crunch and you need to make quick decisions polls are always handy.
  3. Coming to a conclusion: Be its event planning, finalizing a venue for your wedding or naming your new coffee shop, when you need to come to a common consensus online polls help you get a quick feedback and help you narrow down from the existing multiple options.
  4. Getting a feedback: Online polls can be used to get a feedback from the students about an ongoing course at the university, it can be used in organizations to know what employees think about the new regulations put in place. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or an employee, you can take up the poll and help the management at the university or at a workplace know your opinion.
  5. Net Promoter Score: Asking just one question, “On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to your family and friends?” is all you need to understand how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are. Net Promoter Score helps you discover ways to improve your customer engagement.
  6. To make tech-based decisions: Confused what to buy, Android phone or iPhone, desktop or a laptop? Send out a quick poll to your friends/ colleagues/ family members to see what gadgets they favor and instantly know what you should buy!

6 Advantages of using Online Polls

  1. It's really fast: The time needed to complete a poll is on an average is three quarters shorter than that of any traditional research method. Because the poll is usually restricted to one question the information can be gathered at the touch of a button. The response time is almost instant.
  2. It’s accurate: The margin for error is greatly reduced with a poll because participants or the audience have to choose one response only and their response is collected almost instantaneously. Traditional methods require attentiveness of the responder, there are fair chances that human error can creep in whenever a person has to perform a task repeatedly.
  3. It’s easy to analyze: The results of an online poll are ready to be analyzed at any time. The results can also be in real time, so you can act upon it quickly, create statistical data representation, export data for further analysis and share the results as well.
  4. Easy to respond: Online polls are extremely easy to respond to. In this age of technology, every person using a smartphone has access to the internet. One can even use their phone to respond to the polls, it is that simple!
  5. Easy to style the poll: An online poll requires least efforts to design the poll. Since it less time consuming and doesn’t require much effort, it becomes a preferred choice over traditional research methods. Simple to design your polls can reflect your brand color and style so that there is a brand recollection value with the users as they answer to the poll.
  6. Its flexible: Online polls are a great option for individuals and even organizations, who would like to get a quick feedback or an opinion. They are flexible, easy to use, quick to respond to and convenient. All you need to do is choose the right platform to reach out to the correct audience. With QuestionPro you can create and deploy online polls in the blink of an eye.

Online Polls QuestionPro Way

Creating an online poll is extremely easy with QuestionPro. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your QuestionPro account and select Polls login-and-select-polls
  2. Click on create new poll. create-new-poll
  3. Name your poll and select the folder where you want to store the poll. Once the poll is created you can send on platforms where you want your audience to respond. new-poll-created