Pulse Surveys
Pulse Surveys
Employee Engagement

Pulse Surveys create comprehensive and consistent communication channels across all departments and employee levels. By giving employees a voice, employees are more engaged and better positioned to give powerful insights into corporate culture and change.

Improve Employee Engagement with Pulse Surveys

A pulse survey is a short, often one-question-long survey that is sent on a regular basis, which can vary as often as once a week or once a month. A pulse survey allows companies to gauge employee mood and morale in real-time, rather than waiting for the end-of-the-year annual survey. Annual surveys have long been the standard in employee feedback practices. In theory, they’re wonderful, but in practice, they are often too long, too clunky, and it only shows a snapshot of employee mood at one specific time. By the time things come up in the annual review, your employees have been struggling for quite some time—or worse, leaving. Pulse surveys instead provide real-time and periodic measurements, so that managers have a better understanding of their employees. They can be easily implemented and they are intentionally quick to complete, reducing organizational costs to distribute and analyze surveys. Understand employee mood and morale in real-time with periodic pulse surveys. Having more data in far more frequent intervals will give you insight into what’s truly chronic and systematic in your workforce. It encourages open communication and will even help you catch fires while they’re still small. Learn more about improving employee engagement at your company

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