Dubai Parks and Resorts Case Study

Guest Experience and Research management for Dubai Parks and Resorts

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Dubai Parks and Resorts Case Study

One of the most important objectives of a successful organization is to ensure a stunning and memorable experience for their customers. The challenge is even bigger if your business entity draws more than a million customer visits in just 6 months. Yes, you read that right! Dubai Parks and Resorts reported 1.4 million customer visits in the first half of 2018 and brought about a 33% increase in their customer visits in the first 9 months of 2018. Unbelievable right?

A major contributor to this mind-boggling achievement is their management’s decision to pull their research activities in-house under the expert leadership of their Lead Researcher. Another vital role was played by the Revenue Management team to implement a thorough vendor selection process, analyze facts and figures to shortlist & select the most reliable research platform at the best possible cost.

The decision to bring the research activity in-house enabled the Dubai Parks and Resorts’ researchers to analyze real-time reports and provisioned a much more efficient survey creation and distribution process. Dubai parks and resorts successfully reduced their research costs by 75%, increased survey responses by up to 7% and provisioned 100% data protection with QuestionPro’s advanced survey platform and market research tools.


Here are some exciting facts about their surveys:

The goal of the survey:

To measure customer satisfaction and customer experience of the guests.

Problem area:

Outsourcing the research increased costs by the millions and also led to customer data confidentiality compromise. inadequate reporting resulted in the loss of time and did not meet the objectives of the research.

Objectives achieved through the in-house research process:

Cost reduction, data security, internal process strategy and analysis, advanced and automated reporting for informed decision making.

In short, here’s how in-house market research can work wonders for you:

- It improves research speed

- Allows alignment of strategic priorities

- Saves cost

- Allows customized and advanced reporting

- Guarantees data security

- Prevents meddling of customer data