Arcelik Case Study

Increasing NPS and driving company-wide improvement efforts with QuestionPro CX

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How Arcelik, the global household appliances behemoth, increased their NPS by 3-4% with QuestionPro CX


Arcelik planned to build a unified, consistent, and actionable customer feedback channel. After partnering with QuestionPro, Arcelik’s real-time insights model is driving company-wide improvement efforts and increasing revenue!

Arcelik is a multinational household appliances manufacturer operating in over 146 countries with 12 brands. A market leader, Arcelik specializes in consumer durables and consumer electronics, offering production, marketing, and after-sales support services in these sectors. Established in 1955, Istanbul, Arcelik went on to produce Turkey’s first washing machine and refrigerator, before going global. With 12 brands worldwide, the company is known for its ecological and innovative product range.

Why QuestionPro?

When Arcelik partnered with QuestionPro, the company was on its way to becoming a trusted lifestyle solutions provider to the digital household. It was imperative to understand how well their customers perceived their products and services in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace. And Arcelik’s existing feedback collection model was lacking in this regard.

QuestionPro was emerging as the best software solution in the Middle East for surveys, customer experience management, employee experience management, and market research. It was obvious that Arcelik needed a partner with the bandwidth and features to drive growth in a highly competitive industry. Arcelik needed data and insights, and no one can do it better than QuestionPro. Moreover, QuestionPro gained a strong foothold in the Turkish market with this association.

  • Identify the gaps in customer experience and discover how they could better improve their services and offerings.
  • Build a unified, consistent, and actionable customer feedback model to be used across the company.
  • Measure employee satisfaction and gather performance feedback from global teams to connect insights and drive improvement efforts.


Omni-channel feedback system: QuestionPro’s omnichannel worked like a charm in order to collect new product and service quality feedback from suppliers and distributors. This was widely adopted by multiple departments within Arcelik and resulted in creating seamless experiences across channels.

Voice-of-customer program: VOC surveys are effective to understand customer needs, retain existing customers, and control negative customer feedback. Of the several metrics available with the QuestionPro VOC program, Arcelik decided to capture Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Call Center and Service Partners.

Concept testing: Concept testing empowers businesses to make critical decisions before a product launch. Arcelik was able to get hold of valuable consumer responses Pre and Post-launch of new offerings with this method. With concept testing, Arcelik eliminated poor ideas and ensured a highly positive impact.

Employee surveys: Regular employee surveys can be used to check up on employees and bring forth any issues, ideas, or concerns they may have. Arcelik effectively used QuestionPro to run employee surveys to measure employee satisfaction and collect post-event feedback. It was also convenient to gather questions for global team meetings, track performance, and even solicit employee nominations.

  • Increased the overall NPS by 3-4% per year.
  • Extended the length of stay of high-value distributors, resulting in increased revenue.
  • Standardized with a single, enterprise platform for the global team.
  • Revised employee policies (like flexible time off) to increase employee satisfaction.
  • Improved employee performances by providing adequate training sessions.

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