Audi's Green Initiative Case Study

Revolutionizing Sustainability with QuestionPro and Tree Nation

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How is Audi enhancing their green initiative with QuestionPro surveys

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Audi Volkswagen Middle East (AVME) partnered with QuestionPro and Tree-Nation to plant a tree on behalf of its customers for every completed survey response, promoting sustainability. This case study highlights their pioneering initiative contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Audi Volkswagen Middle East serves as the regional head office and first point of contact for all Audi & Volkswagen Middle East dealers across 8+ countries of the Middle East region. It is responsible for steering the regional sales, marketing, dealer network development, and after-sales service activities.

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AVME's primary objective was to align its customer experience initiatives with environmental conservation efforts. By leveraging QuestionPro's advanced survey capabilities and collaborating with Tree Nation's reforestation program, AVME aimed to foster a positive impact on the environment while increasing their audience engagement through surveys.

Key Outcome

Environmental Impact: AVME's collaboration with Tree Nation resulted in the planting of a substantial number of trees, significantly contributing to environmental conservation efforts. The initiative's positive environmental impact garnered widespread recognition and praise from stakeholders.

AVME's commitment to sustainability through this initiative enhanced its position as a socially responsible organization. Customers and partners valued AVME's dedication to environmental causes, fostering stronger loyalty and positive sentiment toward the brand

Increased Survey Participation: The incorporation of the tree-planting initiative into the survey process incentivized respondents to complete surveys, knowing that their participation directly contributed to environmental preservation. This resulted in higher survey participation rates and improved data quality.