Dusseldorf Marketing Case Study

Using QuestionPro for customer experience management, event surveys and panel studies.

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Faster data collection and brand recognition at Dusseldorf Marketing - QuestionPro Case Study


Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the City of Düsseldorf and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Düsseldorf city brand. The company sees itself as an impulse-giving platform for the city's players who are actively involved in shaping and raising Düsseldorf's profile.

As the driving force behind the strategic management of the Düsseldorf brand, Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH provides concepts, recommendations for action, operational guidelines as well as impulses for urban development marketing and development and city marketing, which are not planned on a "greenfield site" from the gut, but are based on a database obtained according to scientific standards. To this end, the company conducts regular surveys, for example within residential areas, at events or by means of panel studies, in order to be able to conduct campaigns and brand communication in a more targeted manner.


Since Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH conducts surveys regularly and in large numbers, a professional survey platform was needed with which online and offline surveys can be created and conducted quickly and easily. In addition, the company required effortless access to an online panel for conducting panel surveys in order to be able to quickly generate valid data for market research studies.


Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH chose the QuestionPro customer experience management (CX) platform because the simplicity of the user interface allows them to create surveys quickly and flexibly in-house. Allowing them to analyze the acquired data in real time at the click of a mouse within the clear, graphical evaluation module.

Event Experience

The company uses the CX platform primarily to carry out event surveys in order to obtain valid data on visitor frequency, length of stay and how far participants have travelled, in order to use this data in turn to initiate targeted campaigns and brand communication. Furthermore, the NPS score is used to determine the recommendation rate. The surveys are usually conducted offline using the QuestionPro survey app on tablets.

Panel Studies

Experience Management platform that is directly connected to QuestionPro's own online panel, panel studies can be conducted quickly and flexibly. These are usually surveys with a pre-selected sample size of around 1000 participants. Since Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH wants to address male and female persons equally, the company uses the integrated quota management. This also applies if a certain number of participants from the sample size must be culturally interested people or meet other criteria.

Panel Service

If required, Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH uses QuestionPro's panel service to set up the panel study, to monitor quotas and for automated data quality checks.

Why Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH chose QuestionPro

Three criteria in particular were decisive for Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH when selecting QuestionPro.

  • Quick and easy setting up of studies and surveys
  • Fast, competent and friendly service
  • Stable and high-performance technologies with data hosting in the EU

Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH plans to build and manage a community based on the community technology of QuestionPro. Here, interested citizens from Düsseldorf should get the chance to actively participate in the development of their city. Among other things, engagement tools will be used here to many more promote discourse within the community, as well as functions such as live surveys, topic and idea boards.

About QuestionPro

QuestionPro is an Enterprise Feedback Management platform that has been developed continuously and closely in line with the requirements and wishes of our customers in the areas of experience management, market research and scientific research for two decades now. With more than 4 million customers in over 100 countries, QuestionPro is one of the most used and popular survey and analysis solutions worldwide. Our main fields of activity are Market Research, Customer Experience and Employee Experience.

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