Energizer Holdings Case Study

The power solutions provider launches an online community portal for customer and prospect insights collection.

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Leveraging user communities for accurate insights gathering


To gather timely feedback in a multi-competitor market with extremely low brand loyalty. Accelerate research through in-depth product feedback, feature suggestions, concept review, and post-usage testing.


Energizer, one of the world’s oldest and largest batteries manufacturer and power solutions provider lately operates in a highly competitive market where brand loyalty is low and brand attrition is high. Collecting timely feedback from customers and potential customers is key for such businesses. We had the opportunity to interview Prabhakar Sundaram who heads the global customer insights division at Energizer Holdings. His primary goal was to develop a highly-engaged research community of customers and promoters to collect reliable insights. Using QuestionPro Communities & the Research Platform, Energizer recruited and onboarded promoters to the continuous discovery community.


To recruit, maintain, and building a community of customers/promoters. Conduct small research activities frequently and leverage it for continuous discovery.

Continuous Discovery is a model that we've developed for recruiting, maintaining and building a community of customers/promoters. The community can then be leveraged for continuous research.

Process and activation

QuestionPro Communities is perfectly suited to recruit, manage and engage community members as well as seamlessly import an existing community with rewards. In addition, with the deep level integration with the enterprise-grade survey platform, collecting feedback from existing members and onboarding into a community is now extremely easy and effective.

The solution executed for Energizer was:

  1. End-to-end community platform with set-up and maintaining the health of the community
  2. Research content and set up alongside managing gamified rewards
  3. Scope to conduct brand and hotspot testing
  4. Creating and managing a community including collecting qualitative and quantitative insights
  5. Combining many tools into one platform in order to ‘break up the silos’ and become more efficient

Impact to Energizer

Working with QuestionPro Communities has led to Energizer completing projects and collecting insights 200% faster. The engagement of the community has also increased to 55% participation week-on-week amongst community members. Energizer uses this community of devotee’s to gather quick turnaround insights and manage high-frequency quantitative studies along with continued online video focus groups.

Some other benefits are:

  1. Deep level feedback on usability tests including multimedia data collection
  2. The white-labeled mobile app helps with engagement metrics for post product usage as well as concept testing
  3. Push alerts and location-based feedback collection making research more robust and wholesome
  4. Higher customer satisfaction scores and an increase in repeat customers. Also, increased customer retention numbers


QuestionPro will continue to support Energizer build larger, highly engaging Communities while offering them end-to-end communities management and full service research activities. A research community.

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