Kleen-Tech Case Study

Kleen-Tech collects and gathers their customer insights in a more agile and frequent manner, leading to an increase in customer response, by embedding a survey NPS question directly on their emails.

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KleenTech gather insights on how to improve their services for their existing customers across 24 field teams.


Before teaming up with QuestionPro CX, Kleen-Tech had set a manual process to distribute the surveys to all of their clients, taking longer in the deployment stage and were not as respondent friendly. Once receiving the survey customers had to access the survey on an external website.

Company Overview

Kleen-Tech is a leader provider of Cleaning Services for Commercial, Government and Specialty facilities across the USA. Over the years, they have got awards and recognitions, such as: Best of Colorado Award for the last 6 years and running, Top Privately-Held Businesses, and Best of Business for Janitorial Services in Colorado. .


The goal is to provide a platform that enables: an increase in the number of customer survey responses, automated distribution of surveys across 24 cohorts, providing excellent customer service with quick turnarounds, and the ability to use inline email survey CX feature with NPS.


Kleen-Tech key requirements are to find a solution that allow them to distribute and collate data in a personalized dashboard.

Sending inline email surveys to their customers allows them to keep track of detractors and their comments to provide them with a better service to improve customer satisfaction.

Project Outline
  1. Briefing from Kleen-Tech
  2. Survey design and creation
  3. Survey distribution across 24 field teams
  4. Data cleansing
  5. Data reporting and analytics

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