Madhi Foundation Case Study

The non-profit organization supports public education systems to collect data from parents, teachers, and administrative officials to track progress on student learning outcomes and conduct in-depth analysis on their programs.

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Collecting data for in-depth analyses at Madhi Foundation - QuestionPro Case Study


Madhi Foundation focuses on addressing the Foundational Learning Crisis in India, specifically in Tamil Nadu, i.e. the literacy and numeracy skill deficit among children in Stds. 1-3. They do this through different projects, sometimes delivered in conjunction with the government, both face to face and remotely. Their programme delivery follows a 6T model to support state interventions, as detailed below:

  • Teaching Learning Materials
  • Training the teachers/government officials
  • Tracking the progress of the interventions
  • Tutoring at home support for children
  • Targeted communication to relevant stakeholders (advocacy efforts with Madhi’s government partners)
  • Technology is leveraged across all the above areas of delivery


The Data for Governance team focuses majorly on the implementation of the observation app for the government, tracking the internal remote projects, data analysis, and report publishing for all the projects mentioned above. The organization needed to send online surveys to the teachers and officials’ mobile devices as well conduct telephonic surveys with the parents of students and some of the teachers.


During their work, the organization ran into a few challenges pertaining to surveys and data collection:

  • Since the surveys are filled out in schools across Tamil Nadu, internet access is not stable in every district.
  • Although rare, errors or incorrect information in survey responses were a concern.
  • Limited availability of question types on other platforms, inhibited optimal framing of the questions.
  • The availability of a user-friendly solution.

Process and Activation

Once Madhi Foundation brainstormed and decided on the questions for the survey, the following was the process implemented to achieve their goals:

  • Work out logic and validation, upload the survey and conduct a pilot study followed by iterations - 2 weeks
  • Data collection - 6 weeks
  • Create and iterate data dashboards to obtain real time data inputs from the survey responses - 1 week
  • In-depth statistical analysis - 2 weeks


As a result of using QuestionPro, the organization was able to:

  • Decrease time and effort spent on data collection and analysis by 3-4 days
  • Decrease the number of clicks in a survey by 20% by having question types that succinctly cover multiple factors in one question
  • Save 2-3 days time in creating surveys by reusing questions from existing libraries or templates


The Data for Governance Associate of Madhi Foundation, Skandaa Ramani said, “If efficiency, user-friendliness, or variety of choice are a priority for any organization considering a survey software - I would urge them to use QuestionPro.”

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