National Health Insurance Bahamas Case Study

A leading insurance provider conducts online surveys to collect data and improve healthcare facilities.

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Collecting feedback for actionable insights at NHI Bahamas - QuestionPro Case Study


An average Bahamian household spends about $2,300 per year on healthcare, which many people cannot afford. A vast majority of Bahamians do not have health insurance, so they might need to pay for health services on their own.

National Health Insurance Bahamas offers primary healthcare to all legal residents irrespective of their age, income, wage or gender. People can choose their doctor from public or private sector. They can also select insurance provider of their choice. They need to register for smart card to avail all services free of cost. NHI ensures promotion of good habits, prevention of lifestyle diseases and offers diagnosis and medication.


Bahamas had a high mortality rate among infants. The caribbean region had an extremely high number of diabetic patients having multiple comorbidities. The high rate of cardiovascular diseases and cancer worsened the situation.

NHI was looking for a platform to create and distribute feedback surveys and compare satisfaction levels of their healthcare providers and beneficiaries between each time frame.

Based on the survey results, they wanted to conduct quality inspections of healthcare facilities, monitor how each facility performs on the assessments and identify areas of improvements.


The National Health Insurance Bahamas aimed to collect data and act on the basis of insights derived from it. The NHI wanted to reduce waiting times, improve customer support and enhance care quality through

  • Extended clinic hours
  • Better emergency services
  • Advanced equipments
  • Training of medical staff
  • Improved supply chain management


QuestionPro provided innovative, out-of-the-box technical solutions, which resulted in the development of a seamless platform to track and monitor feedback surveys.

We also assisted NHI in creating survey design and question types that matched their needs. Our technical support team trained NHI on the platform, helped them in developing appropriate questionnaire and resolved their queries on time.


QuestionPro allowed NHI to track and implement quality improvement plans for their medical facilities using online surveys. The data was utilized to support the implementation of Universal Health Coverage in the Bahamas, and resulted in improved healthcare quality. Consequently, other national organizations have come up on board to implement the standards that have been adopted, documented, and tracked by the NHI.

Feedback collection through surveys is an integral part of the ongoing facility inspection and assessment process of NHI. It has enabled them to track and compare care provider and beneficiary satisfaction rates between each survey period. Based on the survey results, NHI gains insights on improvements areas and how it can better serve the Bahamians.

About QuestionPro

QuestionPro is a Feedback Management platform developed to conduct market research and capture experience. With more than 4 million customers, QuestionPro is one of the most used survey and analysis solutions worldwide.

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