NISA Case Study

NISA democratized the Man of the Match winner by engaging with the audience and collected feedback through NPS+ surveys to enhance the fan experience across all touchpoints.

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NISA recognized the need to evolve its fans’ customer experience to increase engagement in an emerging sports league.


The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), partnered with QuestionPro CX to conduct an innovative customer experience initiative named NISA’s Next Level Fan CX & Engagement. Together, they enabled real-time, in-stadium, TV, and online fan voting live polls for “Man of the Match,” democratizing this tradition while boosting fan engagement.

This allowed for the first time in history to capture the insights of Soccer fans in a way that’s never been seen before. NISA and QuestionPro enabled online voting for the Man of the Match for fans in the stadium as well as those watching online or the broadcast on TV.

Company Overview

NISA, established in 2017, is a U.S. professional men's soccer league association and recently introduced NISA Nation, a league that provides amateur independent clubs with a groundbreaking path to professional status, ensuring the stability and sustainability of a truly open system.


First, the opportunity to conduct both a pre-game poll and “Man of the Match” poll via QR code within the stadium and on the weekly national broadcast provided both engagements for fans as well as a mechanism to collect contact information for additional research.

Next, the research results provided a 360o angle on improving and strengthening Fans' experiences such as the quality of the matchups, more options for watching matches, and delivering more opportunities for fan interactions and community engagement across the entire league.

The goal was to add more value by reimagining the CX engagement approach to Fans. The strategic need was met by using live in-match polls and requesting their feedback with the CX Survey, including the NPS+ question to add further insights.


NISA’s key requirement was to find a solution that enabled them to gain insights on what the fans experience was throughout the whole touchpoints in their journey at a league level.

One of the best ways to get that feedback was to simply ask them through surveys, but they needed something a little more since they were an emerging professional league in the United States.

Project Outline
  1. Briefing from NISA
  2. Man of the Match ideation
  3. Survey design and creation
  4. Live survey distribution for in-stadium votes
  5. Data cleansing
  6. Reporting and analytics

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